Apr. 14th, 2012

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I am pondering using Kickstarter later this year. Matt and I are starting a game company, you see, and as with any start-up, we need a bit of a funding boost to get our first book into print/published.

Our game company is called Play Attention Games, and one of the precepts behind our company is, frankly, paying attention. Being engaged, being aware, being part of what's going on in a conscious, deliberate, ethical way. It was very distressing, then, to read about what's going on in the blogosphere regarding Rachel Marone, an artist who tried to use Kickstarter and ended up having a bad experience.(Her blog entry is here, btw, so you can see her story.

Her story is generating all kinds of outrage, as it was intended. Kickstarter, to my knowledge, has not responded to it at this time, nor has any major news media reported it. It's all by the bloggers for the bloggers at this point. Only time will tell if there's any larger issue going on inside the company, or if they are really as unethically unsympathetic as they seem.


I will be honest and say that something about this rings false to me. I am uncomfortable with the fact that we have only the artist's side of the story. I am uncomfortable with the fact that it all happened a year ago, and there's no record. I am uncomfortable that she has called a Kickstarter employee out about it by name, now, a year later, rather than trying to solve the issue at the time (and if she did, in fact, try to solve it then, why not show us that?). I am uncomfortable that said employee is now being harassed on her Twitter account. I am even more uncomfortable that the artist is okay with that, as per her tweet, copied here:

Rachel Marone ‏ @rachel_marone

· Open

@mattycurry I'm publicly calling out @Piztachio because she is the one who banned me for having a stalker. #Kickstarter should fire her.

Two emails from a community manager at a time when it seems Kickstarter comments were not limited to only backers is not worthy of a shitstorm on a community manager of a small company a year later. It's just not.

According to Insider, Kickstarter has issued an apology for the response Rachel received. I'm good with that; I think it was appropriate. I will not be fully pleased, however, until I see Ms. Murone apologizing for unleashing the internet on a woman she last talked with a year ago, without any evidence that she fully explained her situation or offered the evidence of her cyberstalker that she seemed to be willing to offer to the Internet at large.


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