Jan. 28th, 2013

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I planned this weekend, for the first time since bronchitis and illness, to go to the gym today. Not only that, but I planned to start a new regimen wherein I get up with Matt in time to go to the gym before he has to leave for work, since I like afternoons better but cannot be consistent with it on our schedules. This means I got up at 6 AM to go to the gym. And I did it. I didn't bitch (much), I didn't drag my feet, I got up and put on the gym clothes I'd set out the night before and drove myself to the gym, and there I made my body do things, and then after a half-hour's workout I came home. I didn't move mountains, but it was more than I've been doing for the first day back. Once my side is healed up I'll start doing weights again -- right now I'm afraid of reinjuring something when it's so close to being fixed. Laughing still hurts, though. When it stops hurting, I'll lift heavy things and work on getting some muscle tone back. For now, though, cardio will suffice.

I'm under 225 again as of today. I got down to this weight last time before stalling out, after months of trying (I lost like 7 lbs total last time and mostly kept it off--only gained back 3). This time it came pretty easily. Let's see if exercise and sticking to points will keep it going.


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