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OMG we did so much yesterday. Holy cats.

So, yesterday we:

- Bought beds for boys
- Cleared out about half of the office (and 3/4 of the furniture that needed moving)
- Finished clearing the china cabinet
- Got the china cabinet out of the dining room and listed on freecycle
- packed up the random glassware and vases we didn't want and got it to Goodwill
- moved bookshelves into dining/gaming room
- loaded bookshelves
- cleared space in kid rooms for desks
- moved desks into kid rooms
- moved old computer into Teagan's room
- cleared out old dresser that belongs to Heather's mom
- got old dresser out of house and into car, waiting to deliver it to said mom-person
- got small shelves for towel storage
- moved desk into space where dresser was for my workspace
- rearranged library books, including some semblence of order (thanks Sarah!)
- moved DVD cabinet over out of nook to where a bookcase formerly was
- moved ex-entertainment-center cabinets over to where DVD case formerly was
- got rid of old IKEA bookshelf that had given up and had a shelf collapse
- moved kid toys and books into kid nook, made of ex-entertainment-center cabinets
- moved chests into less obtrusive/more attractive places
- hung some art
- figured out how much paint to buy to paint the bedroom
- vaccuumed lots
- dusted lots

Whew. We're not done, unfortunately... there's still more we need to do to make it all work. I'm pretty happy with it, however, all things considered. It's a great start. :)
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