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So... picking up where we left off, Setia snuck out and met with an unknown guy at the fountain in the garden. They started things off with intrigue challenges, determining which one of them would approach first. The guy was revealed to be Darian, who declared himself charmed and interested in Setia -- not that he wasn't going to marry Gineva, as he was willing and able to do that, but there wasn't any reason for him not to have a lover on the side. He suggested that he could arrange for Setia to move to his household. She claimed to be tempted, but didn't accept outright. There was smooching, though, when he asked, "do you yield, lady?"

Gineva, on the other hand, had an audience with Darian's father, Royce. He drunkenly asked her questions about her interest in Darian, her ambition for her family, and whether or not she had good birthing hips. She put up with it, but she wasn't thrilled with the end result -- and the fact that Darian had vanished from the scene did not make her happy. Ser Talon saw his opening and rushed to comfort her, wondering if he could find a way to bring her around to marrying him.

Se was drunkenly tossing darts when Gineva broke away and pulled him out, asking where Darian was... and for that matter where Ducaleon was. They went off in search of their brother and possibly their parents as well.

Riordan walked Rhenya back to her room, to be dealt with tomorrow. Lady Siobhan gave her word that the family would do what they could to assist her. She had Ducaleon stay behind, however, and explained exactly what threat Rheyna posed to the family -- to Gineva's match, to the family's honor and fortunes, and to Dorne as a whole. Riordan saved a child -- or at least didn't deny doing so. If that child was Elia's or could be said to be without contradiction, they would support her claim, and thus would a new rebellion begin. Siobhan made sure Ducaleon knew that she did not and would not hold him responsible for any role he might have in bringing her here -- or in making her go away.

Meanwhile, after Lord Riordan leaves Rheyna in her room, Oberyn comes in and reveals that he eavesdropped on the conversation in his mother's room. She flatters him, trying to draw him onto her side, and exacts an oath that he will not reveal who she is, seeking his loyalty. He feels duly flattered and crushes on her, a reaction she encourages, and sends him on his way with a little flirtation, leaving him practically glowing -- until he runs into his whole family. Unused to seeing the glowering, emo teenager in such a good mood, Se immediately guesses that Oberyn has been with a girl. Oberyn agrees, a bit too readily, and so he and the other siblings being sort of ganging up on him to try and find out what he's been up to. Intrigue challenges followed, finally wearing him down until he revealed that Rheyna liked him (still not telling who she was). Ducaleon reveals to Se that at least Rheyna is not their half-sister as Se had believed.

While they're all talking, however, they hear screams coming from the direction of Rheyna's room. They all run along, stopping in their rooms along the way to pick up their weapons. Upon arrival, they're shot at by someone hiding in the shadows by the stairway at the end, Ser Talon takes the hit, but recovers while Se skewers the unfortunate assassin. They go on to break into her room to find Rheyna fighting off three assassins, barely holding them off. A melee ensues... Se kills one more, Gineva kills another, and Ser Talon fights off the third in melee.

They turn to Rheyna, trying to make sense of what happened, and she breathlessly moves to Ducaleon, who offers an arm to her... and then with his other hand slips one of the assassin's daggers between her ribs, his mother's words echoing in his head.

And with that cliffhanger, the season ends.


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