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Whew. Today was a good, absurdly productive day in terms of the place in which I live. I set out to clean my whole kitchen, but I ended up with only 2/3 of it clean. Now, that 2/3 includes the stove and most of the counter space, and the clean includes cleaning the stuff that lives on it (appliances, canisters, etc) so that probably edges me up to 3/4, but still. I gained a drawer after I cleaned out everything in it, so that's a net plus for storage space, even, which makes me really happy. Two more drawers to go, but not today.

The real gains here, though, are in the living room. Between the boys and I, we busted that shit out. The whole place has been vacuumed and dusted to within an inch of its life. I've hung up the curtains Sue graciously gave us (the ones that turn into thermal curtains when you put the liners in) and the whole room looks so much better. I need a lampshade for the lamp that Al fixed, but that's minor. The mini-blinds in the far window have been taken down, ostensibly to clean them, but then we all decided it looked so much better without that they've been given a pass, and thus I don't have to keep cleaning them! Huzzah! There's a huge freaking tree between the bay window and the main road anyway, so it's not as though anyone can see in.

Oh! AND the proof for curse the darkness came in! And all the problems were fixed! And we ordered books which, while not there on the first day, should be there on Friday, we think! EEEEeee! So pleased.

And then -- THEN -- I made a friend! I'm so pleased! I met a woman who just moved to the area from the west coast to start her first prof gig. She knits, and is vegan, and has stripes of unnatural color in her hair. She is of my people -- not the vegan part specifically, but it's hardly the first time. :) We met for coffee, essentially having a friend date, and got along well enough to go back to her place and knit for a while. I know it sounds like an odd thing to be quite so happy about, but it's a hard thing to find new friends as one gets older, and this went remarkably well. Having a new knit buddy would be fabulous, and is a huge step to sort of rounding out my life.

Also, the town of Oberlin can be my bestie -- OMG am I in love. If I could get a job there once I'm done, I'd be so amazingly pleased with life.
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