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So, the idea of this is that you get your best memory, worst fear, and relationship status from one year of your life. I got this from Janna, who gave me 29. If you want a year, ask and I'll give you one.

29 -- That was 2000. Wow, that really was a year. So, that year I started out in Albuquerque, got laid off, got a job in Chicago, and moved into editing for a living as well as cross-country. I had my first and only Chicago winter, and it seemed like things were going to finally get better after a long spell of not so good financially. David and I were both working, and if money was an issue, it wasn't that bad of one, all things considered. The biggest stresses were taking care of two little ones with no family or near friends around. That said, that was my year at FASA, and I could never regret that, period.

So. The best memory from 2000... I remember sitting in the bay window of our greystone, second floor, on July 4th, watching the fireworks on the street go off. My kiddos were sleeping despite the pops and cracks and light show, but it was cool enough to have air flow through the house so you could have the windows open and be comfortable. It was one of the best July 4ths ever, and I was completely content.

Worst fear -- worst fear was that it wasn't going to last. David was actively unhappy there, and nothing I could do seemed to fix it. Also, we were both broke and stressed, as we didn't /quite/ make enough money to get by and neither one of us could do much about it. I was due for a raise in a year or so that would make up much of the difference and get us above water, if only just, and we had hopes for David's work, but... well, it was all up in the air, especially if David couldn't get himself in a better place emotionally. And he kinda resented me working at FASA and not him, I think, at least a little -- enough to make it harder than it might otherwise have been. It's hard to feel like you're on solid enough ground except that it could fall tumbling away at any time.

Relationship status: married with two little ones. Coming up on 10 years at that point. Divorce was a million years away then -- or at least so it seemed. Not true, but it seemed. Was not the brightest bulb re: relationships at that point.

So there you go! Gosh -- things have definitely changed for the better all around. Happy 2013!
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