Jan. 11th, 2012

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*squints at the title*


Something the past year or so has taught me is that stress + someone else cooking = me gaining weight! So, yes, watching my diet once more, as those who have seen two food posts have already likely determined, if it crossed your mind at all. I'm not going to call it dieting, because honestly... it's not terribly different from what I'd do normally, albeit lighter on the carbs and sugar and heavier on the veggies. It requires eating veggies with intent, rather than because they happen to find their way onto my plate once a day or so. I kind of hate Intentional Eating of Veggies, honestly... not because I hate veggies, because I don't, but rather because it means reworking how I think of food again and trying to work with unfamiliar things. I'm trying a couple of new things to see how I feel about them, because in order to make this work, I have to find a method that involves the least mouth-feel-augh with the least prep... and then once I find a couple of things that I like that way, I can eventually increase its footprint in my diet, if that makes sense.

Today's special new effort was carrot sticks with light-on-the-mayo tuna salad w/ green chile. The tuna salad was left over from yesterday, but the carrot sticks had a bit of prep involved. That's okay, though... I had some triscuits too, and I was sad when I ran out of tuna salad before I ran out of carrot, but the strange thing for me to discover was that the crackers were optional for me -- the carrot sticks were sufficient. That's a mark in the win column right there.

On the downside, I have discovered that I cannot run currently -- no way, no how, or at least certainly not more than a few steps. My ankle won't put up with it in the least. I'm also out of shape cardio-wise, but that's actually not the limiting factor as things stand now. Doing my own physical therapy for that SUCKS, not the least because I'm afraid of doing something actually damaging. I so wish I'd had an actual doctor overseeing my care and not just my surgery when I had my ankle put back together, but I didn't even get one session... and as a result I really don't know squat about how to make a broke bit less broken functionally. The only thing I can think of to do is walk briskly for a while and try running a few steps now and again to push myself, and then maybe trying to do the leg press machine where you flex and push with your feet... and maybe one of those not-much-weight balancing exercises for stamina that works all the tiny little muscles in your ankle and foot to get them used to pulling their weight again. And possibly lunges, which might be one of those aforementioned exercises. Mayhap I should also ask Heather -- she would likely have some good suggestions for me.

I spent a little while earlier looking over old entries--I'd forgotten that over 2008/2009 I'd lost nearly 20 lbs, a weight loss that took place while my life was briefly stable, only to end when I got laid off/stressed/short on funds yet again. I liked me without that weight; I'd like to have it off again, maybe plus a bit. We'll see if I can work the magic one more time.


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