Mar. 8th, 2012

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... sometimes it hits me that I am apparently doomed to never have all the people or things I love in the same place. To get something, I give something else up. Without wanting to change what I have, then, there are things I miss. Not counting my children, of course -- I never don't miss them.

I miss Native Americans and people having any awareness of Native Americans as more than some hokey New Age hippie philosophy.

I miss real coffee shops, enough of them that no matter where I was, I knew I didn't have to look far to find a quiet place to sit for a moment that WASN'T a Panera. There are some out here, but not enough of them, and the non-Panera closest to me that isn't a chain has plastic stackable lawn chairs for seating.

I miss Asian Art being a regular thing.

I miss the crazy red floor in the main library, and the awesome typographical floor in front of the main counter.

I miss the John Singer Sargent piece in the Seattle Art Museum.

I miss mountains.

I miss good teriyaki.

I miss ocean. Lake Erie tries, but it isn't the same. I don't know why that is.

I miss sculpture gardens.

I miss crazy Seattle people.

I miss Capitol Hill.

I miss Geraldine's and the Columbia City Ale House.

I miss the Columbia City Farmer's Market.

I miss the Columbia City Theater.

I miss that pie store I went to with Phil & Sarah & Matt last time we were in town.

I miss Bad Woman Yarn, and the Pelican across the street, and Drunken Goat Gelato down the way, next to the sock store. I miss gelato.

I miss the statue of Lenin, and the troll.

I miss cherry blossoms on the quad.

I miss the mini cedar forest in Kubota Gardens.

I miss that awareness of the land and water and sky that seems so foreign out here, as though everything will always be enough, and we don't really need to do anything about it.

I miss looking around and seeing more faces that don't look like mine (CWRU helps with this, actually).

I miss car trips to Olympia Cards and Comics and getting to have lunch with Eric and Gabi (when she could break away).

I miss knitting with Misty.

I miss taking Rosie over to Nicole and Chris's place and getting to visit with them.

I miss going over to Phil's and gaming and watching movies and talking until wee hours of the morning.

I miss soy milk being a given.

I miss Folklife.

I miss the Cinerama.

I miss living in a solidly blue part of a state.

I miss Seattle, for all of its crazy, expensive downsides and social issues that would make it nearly impossible for me to actually live there again.

And now I must finish my exam.


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