May. 14th, 2012

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I'm now the proud owner of an MA in English. Even though I don't have the paper yet, I have finished my coursework, been accepted for the PhD program, and start classes in the fall.

What this means primarily is that I am now no longer too slammed to update. Hooray!

So. Hmm.

1) OMG I MISS MY KIDS. I go to visit them on Thursday this week. Those visits are always hard, and I'm crashing on a friend's couch, so that's even harder, but I can't wait to see them. It'll be good. Studying really took a toll on my time this semester, so I haven't seen them in person since January, but it was so worth it. I can't wait to celebrate with my kiddos. :)

2) I kind of hate 1950s literature. I know I hate the American version; I might hate the British version less, it's hard to say, but I definitely hate that. Modernism is just not me. It makes me all ranty. Blargh. Glad it's done. Also, the selections for that class had entirely too much casual rape in them for me to be comfortable. Perhaps the 50s also had entirely too much casual rape in them for me to be comfortable. It's very hard to tell.

3) I finally finished my shrug for my wedding here a few weeks back. It's lovely, but it'll look better after I lose weight. I know this because it looks way better on Sarah than on me. Harumph.

4) I have been to see a doctor, a real family-practice, knows my family, will see more than once, doctor. I'm in the process of re-evaluating my meds for my blood pressure. I still have to go get a mammogram--argh. I got the bitter news that running, or even strenuous walking, is all kinds of stupid for my ankle with the plate and screws. Apparently stress fractures are a thing. So instead, I'm restricted to the elliptical, cycling, and swimming. Of these, swimming is both the one I want least and the best for me, so it's going on the twice-a-week list as soon as I get another pair of goggles, because a) the dog chewed up my last pair and b) OMG WATER ON MY FACE. Sigh.

4a) My insurance does not cover any treatments for autism or autism-related things, so actually getting diagnosed as aspie is right out, because that could impact headaches, etc. This is unfortunate, because my sensory issues are getting worse as I get older. The Avengers really sucked for me, and by the time I came out, I was in full-on crying twitching meltdown. I know the kids are going to want to see it when I go visit... I'll have to come up with a way to cope.

4b) I have not lost as much weight as I'd like. Then again, I've been somewhat forcibly sedentary as neither my part-time job, nor school, nor studying are things I can do while exercising. Dieting while trying to prep for and pass an MA exam is perhaps not the best plan ever. That's okay, though, as I will now have time to clean house and garden and go to the gym. Very pleased about this. Will walk a lot in Seattle as well.

5) Si is doing well, but he freaked me out the other day when he tweaked his back, as apparently long dogs are prone to do. Idgit didn't seem to be in pain but didn't want to move his back legs. He is all right, though. Idgit.

6) We do not have a garden in. This gets fixed in the next two weeks.

7) The kickstarter gets its own post coming up.

8) I have been to a dentist for the first time in years. I have "very good dental hygiene." My gums are healthy, except a bit around my remaining wisdom teeth, which keep them irritated and swollen on and off. I have four very small, shallow cavities which we're gonna slap some spackle (or whatever they do) on next week. I am having my bottom two wisdom teeth extracted next month. Apparently they just do it with a local, even if one hasn't come through the gums. At least the pain meds will be in force.

9) We have a housemate. His name is John. John is good with the doggies, has work, and is generally a nice sort of person, and his rent helps with the lack of stipend this summer. Resultingly, the boys will have a room of their own on the second floor this year. It will be far less basement-y and will have a closet which hopefully they'll use.

10) This summer, I start studying Latin again. I have no words for this. Hopefully it'll be interesting. I still won't be able to order dinner with it.

Perhaps my next post will be less random. We'll see. :)


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