Jun. 14th, 2012

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Blargh. No garden. Maybe some container gardening on the porch, which makes me a little sad, but that's what happens when we're broke in the summer. Life goes on.

So, We played our first session. It went fairly slowly as we've only got one book between us and we're all learning the system/setting, so we didn't cover a lot of ground. That said, the RP was good and people seemed to have fun with it.

We started with Ducaleon waking up from a dream:

"A pleasant day, brilliant skies -- so blue it hurts. Surrounded by flowers, with bees buzzing pleasantly and making a drowsy murmur. He stops to sniff a flower, which turns in his arms to a young woman, who embraces him with a kiss.

Before he can really respond, however, she breaks the kiss and moves out of his arms, disappearing into the crowd. He realizes that he's now in the middle of a tournament. The murmur of the bees is now the cheering of the crowd. He looks over and sees a knight on horseback at the end of the field, his silver armor glinting gold in the light. He lifts his lance and rides at the course, threading the point through a series of rings. The last ring is larger than the others and made of gold. As he thrusts the lance through it, the weapon changes to a spear that takes the ring. Blood fountains out of the center of the ring, staining the blue sky with crimson. It smells of iron and honey."

Then he wakes up.

Ducaleon meets at breakfast with his siblings and mother (his stepfather is elsewhere, taking care of house business). The heirs are informed that Royce Martell, namesake of the heir of the house, is coming for dinner, with an eye to checking on the house and his niece and nephew. The rest of the family is not required until dinner, but will need to be available then. Septa Setia is asked to stay close at hand, however, and help with the preparations.

Se (Shae), Ducaleon, Ginneva, Oberyn and Ser Talon (who's been nearly ever present at the manor in the two weeks since Ginneva returned from abroad) decide to go hunting for the day. There are small bets placed and they decide on going by themselves, just taking some dogs and having lunch on what they catch, and spending some quality time together. Along the way Ducaleon tells Oberyn and Se about his dream, while Ser Talon and Ginneva spend a great deal of time in rapt conversation, making the three brothers somewhat uneasy -- seeing your sister get wrapped up in the guy you've known since you were all in short pants (and whose status is less than yours) is enough to make anyone think twice.

Septa Setia, meantime, is cornered by Lady Siobhan. She asks what Setia thinks of Ser Talon and reveals that Royce is also bringing his son, Darian, along, with an eye to a potential match between Darian and Ginneva. She asks Setia to downplay her own appearance and help pick out Ginneva's most flattering gowns for dinner, and then Siobhan will choose from among them. The anniversary of Siobhan's first husband's death is also the next day, and there will be services in his honor. She is to assist with the services, information gathering, and facilitating the engagement of Ginneva. When Setia went upstairs to sort through Ginneva's clothing, she find Ginneva's Braavosi sword, revealing her Water Dancer training -- what Setia chooses to do with this information remains to be seen, as she replaced it roughly where she found it and didn't say a word.

Back with the hunting party, they came upon the old tower ruins after catching a brace of pheasant and decided to have lunch. They came upon an old campsite, which gave them some pause. Se sat down and started prepping the birds for roasting, unconcerned, while Ducaleon and Oberyn talked. Ser Talon rode about the ruins, making sure there was no one there, while Ginneva joined him. Ducaleon noticed a couple more old campfire sites and found a lock of long woman's hair snagged on some brush. He started suggesting that they leave, while Ser Talon noticed a group of three men, hiding in the trees. Before Ducaleon can really get his brothers' attention, however, a young, attractive woman holding a slack bow steps out and begs to join them for their meal. There's banter, mostly by Se, but it isn't long before she insists that they stay and eat with her, and then gives a sharp whistle, drawing three more people out from hiding (not the ones previously seen). These have weapons drawn.

We roll initiative, and it seems like she might succeed in capturing one or more of the Mellifera heirs, when Se rolls and spits the two men standing next to her through the neck, firing two arrows at once and killing them both instantly. Oberyn hides and Ducaleon fires and injures one, while Ser Talon rides at two on the opposite side of the campground and lays about him with his maul. Ginneva fires at another, wounding him and knocking him out of a tree -- all this before the bandits even get a turn. Oberyn decides this is a good time to try to avoid more bloodshed and turns this into an intrigue battle, where Ducaleon does Fast Talk to keep her from using cunning, Ginneva Assists, and Se tries to read her and figure out what she's trying to do here. Oberyn succeeds in his role, and she calls off her men -- such losses were not in her plan. Instead, she apologizes, negotiates safe passage for her men, and requests that they take her to meet their lady mother--much to everyone's surprise.

And that's where we'll pick up next time!


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