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Tonight we ventured further into the world of grilling with steak. Boneless top sirloin, to be exact, each one about 5, maybe 6 ounces, tops. Salted and peppered them on both sides and stuck it on the grill. I think in the end I may have cooked them a bit longer than I should have for how I normally like my steak, but it was still good -- and I have leftovers! Not sure what to do with steak leftovers, mind you, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Side dishes: cherry tomatoes and fried okra. It's the first time I've made fried okra since... well, maybe ever. In Oklahoma I could buy it frozen and pre-battered, and I've made that once or twice, but never from the beginning and never once I moved up here. Of course, I can't get that up here. Heck, I was shocked when I found okra at all in the freezer section -- probably helps that I live in a highly "ethnic" neighborhood, and the local Safeway realizes this and skews things accordingly. Anyway, so since fried okra is the only civilized way to eat it, I took it, dredged it in flour, then quick-fried it in a hot pan coated with cooking spray. It's still not the healthiest thing in the world, but it's normally considerably worse for you (deep fried!), so I take solace in that.

I think overall it was a success. I feel sorta bad that prior to this my Foreman grill had sat in a drawer for the better part of a year, but I'm doing my best to change that. Thus far, I think I'm being pretty successful.
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In an effort to stop eating out quite so frickin' much, I have resolved to cook more at home again, especially on the weekends when I have the time to do so. Tonight was my first attempt at a real meal for me in ages.

Not having a real grill but not wanting to cope with heating up the kitchen, I pulled out the George Foreman grill. I bought salmon on Friday as my default is to shy away from cooking protein and I want to break that habit.

I then found a recipe for Maple-Glazed Salmon on Cooking Light's website. I'm not hugely into maple, but I was willing to give it a shot. It turned out very well.

Recipe behind the cut. )


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