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So... picking up where we left off, Setia snuck out and met with an unknown guy at the fountain in the garden. They started things off with intrigue challenges, determining which one of them would approach first. The guy was revealed to be Darian, who declared himself charmed and interested in Setia -- not that he wasn't going to marry Gineva, as he was willing and able to do that, but there wasn't any reason for him not to have a lover on the side. He suggested that he could arrange for Setia to move to his household. She claimed to be tempted, but didn't accept outright. There was smooching, though, when he asked, "do you yield, lady?"

Gineva, on the other hand, had an audience with Darian's father, Royce. He drunkenly asked her questions about her interest in Darian, her ambition for her family, and whether or not she had good birthing hips. She put up with it, but she wasn't thrilled with the end result -- and the fact that Darian had vanished from the scene did not make her happy. Ser Talon saw his opening and rushed to comfort her, wondering if he could find a way to bring her around to marrying him.

Se was drunkenly tossing darts when Gineva broke away and pulled him out, asking where Darian was... and for that matter where Ducaleon was. They went off in search of their brother and possibly their parents as well.

Riordan walked Rhenya back to her room, to be dealt with tomorrow. Lady Siobhan gave her word that the family would do what they could to assist her. She had Ducaleon stay behind, however, and explained exactly what threat Rheyna posed to the family -- to Gineva's match, to the family's honor and fortunes, and to Dorne as a whole. Riordan saved a child -- or at least didn't deny doing so. If that child was Elia's or could be said to be without contradiction, they would support her claim, and thus would a new rebellion begin. Siobhan made sure Ducaleon knew that she did not and would not hold him responsible for any role he might have in bringing her here -- or in making her go away.

Meanwhile, after Lord Riordan leaves Rheyna in her room, Oberyn comes in and reveals that he eavesdropped on the conversation in his mother's room. She flatters him, trying to draw him onto her side, and exacts an oath that he will not reveal who she is, seeking his loyalty. He feels duly flattered and crushes on her, a reaction she encourages, and sends him on his way with a little flirtation, leaving him practically glowing -- until he runs into his whole family. Unused to seeing the glowering, emo teenager in such a good mood, Se immediately guesses that Oberyn has been with a girl. Oberyn agrees, a bit too readily, and so he and the other siblings being sort of ganging up on him to try and find out what he's been up to. Intrigue challenges followed, finally wearing him down until he revealed that Rheyna liked him (still not telling who she was). Ducaleon reveals to Se that at least Rheyna is not their half-sister as Se had believed.

While they're all talking, however, they hear screams coming from the direction of Rheyna's room. They all run along, stopping in their rooms along the way to pick up their weapons. Upon arrival, they're shot at by someone hiding in the shadows by the stairway at the end, Ser Talon takes the hit, but recovers while Se skewers the unfortunate assassin. They go on to break into her room to find Rheyna fighting off three assassins, barely holding them off. A melee ensues... Se kills one more, Gineva kills another, and Ser Talon fights off the third in melee.

They turn to Rheyna, trying to make sense of what happened, and she breathlessly moves to Ducaleon, who offers an arm to her... and then with his other hand slips one of the assassin's daggers between her ribs, his mother's words echoing in his head.

And with that cliffhanger, the season ends.
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So, when we left our family of honeybees, they were returning home from having had their luncheon outing spoiled by a kidnap attempt from a very charming bandit who went by Nymeria Sand.

Se was disturbed by the fact that he'd killed people (handily, too!). Gineva was still flirting hard with Ser Talon. Oberyn was crowing over his triumph, and Ducaleon was trying to keep Se and Oberyn in line while being quietly concerned about this whole Nymeria-"audience with his mother" thing.

They all arrived back at the castle, and things picked up from there. There were instructions waiting for them, courtesy of the steward. Gineva went upstairs and found Septa Setia, who was instructed to help Gineva try on the three gowns her mother had laid out for the evening (one in virginal white, one in a northern style in pale gold, and one traditional Dornish gown in burnt orange with gold embroidery. Gineva chose the Braavosi gown she'd bought Across-the-Sea and sent her mother one in blue that she'd brought back as a present, at Setia's suggestion. Setia was supposed to oversee Gineva, but ended up assisting her in this minor rebellion instead.

Ser Talon, lovestruck, realizes that he's up against some heavy competition, and he wants to appear to best advantage. His regular clothes, however, will not do at all. He starts figuring out a way to obtain an outfit for the feast night tonight -- and then realizes he's too broke to afford a fancy dress outfit of his own. He has friends with money, though, and sets his sights on Se.

Se went to his room, trying to work this out. Gineva stopped in to see him on her way to her chamber, telling him he did the right, in fact the only, thing. This didn't seem to help him significantly.

Oberyn decided that he needed to summon Lady Siobhan to the audience chamber so she could meet with Nymeria, three hours before her late-first-husband's funeral anniversary feast. As he's 14 and kind of snotty to the seneschal, this only went so well. After cooling his heels, waiting for his mother, the seneschal comes back and says that his mother requests his attendance in her chamber. Oberyn goes to see his mother and receives a lecture on how his behavior was inappropriate, and how the news that he captured a bandit should be given in person rather than summoning her to stop her preparations, and that it will be dealt with. Oberyn proceeds to sulk, and is sent off to gather his siblings to find out why the 14-yr-old is the one passing this news along.

Meanwhile, Ducaleon saw Nymeria to a side chamber, asking her questions and trying to put her off while offering hospitality to her. She gratefully accepted the water and a chance to clean up, but would not be put off from her request. She did, however, accept his offer to speak with Lord Riordan instead.

So, Oberyn finds Se and Gineva, and Ducaleon is on his way up regardless, and all of them meet up at Lady Siobhan's room, where Lord Riordan is. They get mildly reprimanded and sent back to get ready, all but Oberyn, who gets in a bit more trouble about decorum and whatnot. Everyone else listens outside the door with varying degrees of glee. Ser Talon finally gets up the nerve to ask for a loan, and Se obliges him.

When his chastisement is done, Lord Riordan comes out. He talks with Se, reassuring him about what happened, and then proceeds with Ducaleon down to the room. He walks in, greets Nymeria, but then a strange expression of recognition passes between them, and she says, "I seek the Golden Lion." Ducaleon and the others are dismissed from the room, while Riordan and Nymeria speak. When they come out, a few moments later, Septa Setia is summoned and requested to help Nymeria dress for the feast and to find her a chamber for the night. "She is to be treated as an honored guest." Ducaleon catches up with Se and shares his suspicion that Nymeria might Riordan's natural daughter.

Siobhan asks Gineva to wait as well, and then she requests that she change -- they want to present a "proper Dornish maiden, not a wild woman." While her mother appreciates the present, she doesn't change her mind. Gineva then goes and dresses in the burnt orange outfit, in traditional Dornish style.

Once Nymeria is settled, Setia attends to her own dress. Instead of dressing plainly and severely, as Lady Siobhan requested -- twice -- Setia adds a little glitz to her gown and hair, setting her token of office -- a crystal, in her hair above her forehead and weaving gold into her auburn locks.

So, with everyone settled, the dinner begins. Darian Martell is seated at the head table with his father Royce (the eldest heirs' uncle), Lady Siobhan and Lord Riordan, and the two heirs -- children of her first husband, in whose honor the dinner is being held. At the table on the right are Gineva, closest to Darian, Oberyn, and Se. Across the hall are Ducaleon, Nymeria (he's her dinner partner). Down another set of tables are Ser Talon on one side and Septa Setia, down the other, furthest from Darian.

The dinner proceeds -- Darian and Gineva flirt back and forth appreciatively but in keeping with decorum. Toasts are made. Food is eaten. Nymeria is graceful and has suprisingly good manners. Lady Siobhan and Lord Riordan both seem a bit pale and distracted, but this really only manifests in slightly less sparkling conversation and neither of them glancing toward the table where Nymeria sits. Ser Talon is eaten up with jealousy, watching the match being made in front of him and Gineva in a positive spirit about the whole thing. Oberyn glowers a lot and ends up being dismissed early, as punishment for his earlier stunt. Setia receives a message through a server, praising her beauty and asking her to be at the well in the grove at midnight.

At the first convenient moment when it will not create alarm, Lady Siobhan rises and begs leave of the company, claiming fatigue and sorrow. Riordan escorts her out, stopping to give her love to Ducaleon and tell him to escort the lady to S's chambers at the first opportunity for discretion. The party continues through dessert and drinks, but breaks up relatively early -- a somber affair. Oberyn (hiding in the hall rather than going to bed -- sneaky teenager) follows his parents up to their room, disappointed at not getting anything more exciting out of it. Ducaleon and Nymeria travel upstairs as well, while Se gets drunk and flirts and fondles with anything or anyone willing, and Gineva flirts with Darian and (more discretely) Ser Talon, keeping him involved.

Ducaleon arrives at his mother's room, and asks if it's true. Oberyn stands outside while Ducaleon can't get away and hears/sees his father stand up and say, "May I present Princess Rhayna Targaryen, daughter of Elia Martell and Rhaegar Martell -- the rightful heir to the Iron Throne," as Rhayna curtsies to Lady Siobhan to the room's general horror and awe.

And that's where we pick up next week!
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So, running a 4-shot or so game of Song of Ice and Fire RPG (or SIFRP). I was inspired to do this because it's something I've been wanting to do for a while, I'm not in the midst of school, and I need to get a handle on how the system actually functions a bit better so I can keep writing for it (hey there, Joe!).

So last Monday, pre-Origins, was chargen. The first session will be next Monday. I am already behind. :) I was really pleased, though, with how we did on time with the chargen. We ran a bit over and I didn't quite get as much info on how the characters interact as I'd have liked, but we got the house and the characters done in one night, with lots of semi-random rolling (thank you, Green Ronin, thank you) on all those lovely tables.

Experience with the property: Neither [identity profile] nor Toasty had read the books. [personal profile] innocent_man had read to where Bran gets pushed out of the tower and stopped. [identity profile] is catching up to where I am in the books. Glen's read all of them so far. So there's a pretty wide range of familiarity. To make sure everyone's on the same page, we watched the first episode of the series. We're basically starting a bit before that, with Robert firmly on the throne and Jon Arryn as the Hand.

So, without further ado, here's the House and the characters.

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