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Okay, so I have to say this, and then I'm done. DONE.

1) The great tragedy here regarding Colorado is that someone was insane and did something awful, and some people died and a lot of others were hurt. The great tragedy here has NOTHING to do with the franchise or the IP or anything. If that's what is catching you up, you're doing it wrong.

2) By extension, if you are primarily horrified because this is so not a Batman thing to have done... just see #1. You are being horrified because your geekverse has been shaken, not because of what happened. This is not about you. Shake it off and focus on #1.

3) If this is hitting home for you because someone who was disturbed liked the thing you liked, and yet was still a measurably disturbed individual despite sharing a love of superheroes, then you're functioning under one of the Geek Fallacies (or better, social monkeysphere fallacies, as I like to call them) and you need to revisit #1 as well.

Geek is not a badge of pride; it is not a measure of social cred; it is not a community of equals; it is not an inclusive club of vetted individuals; it is not a sign indicating "these are my people and no other." It is just an indication that you like quirky stuff. Both good and bad guys like quirky stuff. Geekiness is not identity, and everyone is better off if you don't mix the two.

The tragedy is that people lost their lives. DC, the Batman IP and the Christopher Nolan film will fucking cope. If that's where you have your sympathies... then I guess I just don't have anything to say to you.
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