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So one of my old friends looked me up on, as I'd visited once and left my name there if no actually useful information. Her I was happy to see. We've exchanged contact information and all is well. While I was there, though, I got the urge to go through and see what some of my other old schoolmates were doing. Good lord.

Very few people have useful information. Even fewer have pictures. Of the pictures they've put up.... I remember this little girl I knew from 4th through 8th grade. She was blond, a little heavy but not much, bubbly... not terribly popular, but cute. Now she's got long messy 80s hair and her picture shows her standing next to her SO holding a beer, an older skinny biker dude, and neither of them look particularly happy. Both of them have fingerless black driving/racing gloves on as though they were fashionble, and otherwise are tending toward the biker persuasion.

Another girl I knew still has the same mullet hair and just looks... worn.

In my head, they all went off and had successful, happy lives. they have enough money, they can afford nice clothes, they gotten a decent haircut in the last twenty years... all that. There were only 25 or so in my class and in each of the classes surrounding mine. Statistically, it was possible.

I wish I still felt so certain.


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