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So. On our way Friday to a double feature of Oscar movies, just Matt and I, when the bad thing happened. Cars in front of us slowed suddenly, Matt tried to stop but we went into a skid--and once the tires touched the snow-covered grass on the side of the road we went into a spin and there was nothing for it. We ended up smashing the back of the car into a tree after making a lovely set of tiremarks on the side of the road. We're both okay, but I fear Esmerelda is done for -- her wheel was bent a bit, her back passenger quarterpanel is smushed in, the trunk won't open/close right and the passenger side door won't open. Given that she's a 2001, they might repair her, but it's doubtful. I will probably have to get a new car and, given current finances, can't afford a car payment to go with it, so it'll be a car that costs whatever the settlement will give me. I would really just prefer they'd fix her, but I know that's not always the way things go. The blue book value on her is good, though, so maybe it'll be all right yet.

As for the humans, Matt was a bit sore for a day or so, but seems fine now. I'm pretty sore and stiff on my neck and the bump on my head is slowly decreasing, but no other ill effects were noted. As to the rest, we'll see what this week brings.


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