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So my chiropractor and his wife, Rebecca, are expecting their first child in about a week or so (it's a boy). Dr. Chan is the man who keeps my back in one piece (while I do the therapy and the exercise to keep it that way) in the eternal battle to beat back my scoliosis and make sure I don't have a hunchback in 20 years. His father and brothers are all chiropractors as well, and he's exceptionally good at what he does. His wife, Rebecca, is a sweet, sweet lady. I'm very fond of them both. It's not unrealistic to say that he is the closest I've had to a family doctor for years.

Anyway, so I couldn't let them have the baby and not get them a baby present. Rather than buy something I'm not sure they need, though, I decided "new knitting project!" I bought yarn and new needles and decided I'd knit them something. A trip to the yarn store and a free pattern later, and that something had resolved into a baby blanket. At this point I have something like 45 rows done... 134 is halfway. It's a pretty simple pattern, just diagonal knit rows with yarn-overs (which make larger open holes) about two inches in around all the edges. I'm knitting two yarns together, a bright red mediumweight and a lighter yarn with a white base and dots of primary colors along its length. I thought that red for luck would be nice, given that he's Asian-American and she's from Taiwan originally, and then the white and dots so it's more visually interesting. Hopefully it won't all turn red when it gets washed -- oops. Probably should have thought of that sooner. :) Oh well. I'll handwash it initally to block it. Perhaps that'll get rid of the worst of it. Any knitters with suggestions, of course, are more than welcome to offer them. I don't have pics yet. I'll see about getting some done soon, though. Heck, I still have to work in the ends and block the last scarf I knitted. Sigh.


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