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Well, I've not looked at this in forever, so I'm a bit behind. It's been a heck of a week... little more than, I guess. So, in bullet points, here's the rundown:

  • A doggie found me. She came up to me in the driveway after I got home last Wednesday. She sniffed cautiously at me for a sec, then sat on my foot and asked for love. I petted her briefly then went inside. I realized about a half-hour later that the sensor light in my drive kept going off. When I looked out my kitchen window, there she was. She could hear me in the kitchen and kept wandering over to see what was going on before going back to my gate and curling up there. She wasn't going anywhere. So, she's been at my house a week now.

    She's a very sweet, well mannered girl. I've put up posts and talked to vets and whatnot... no collar, no microchip. No response to any of my ads, either. I have not yet decided whether I can keep her once the month's over. On the one hand, she's great with the boys and they love her dearly. On the other, she's not small and she does chew (as my former cell phone can now attest). She thinks she's home, though, and by and large she's been incredibly good. There are really only two issues:
    1) She is an American Staffordshire Terrier, aka in America as a pit bull. While I feel confident in her character and do not believe there is any danger whatsoever, my landlords don't like the breed and have not yet fully weighed in on letting me keep her.

    2) On the days I have the boys, I'm home by 6:30 PM. On the days I don't, I'm often gone 12 hours or more. She has thus far been okay with this as I try to take her for a short walk before work and a longer one after, along with letting her play in the yard while I'm home. Of course, most of the time she doesn't want to play in the yard while I'm home, preferring to beg for love or lay beside my chair. I don't know yet whether I can keep her and have it be fair to her.

  • Dog pics )

  • E3 hit. These are the quotes from last week:
    "E3 comes apace and rides a horde of consoles, and lo, it brings the Crazy with it."
    "How about Never? Is Never good for you?"
    "Smack: You Want It, We Talk It!"

    1. Write content.

    2. ???

    3. Profit!!!

  • I got a freelance check. With it, I got the camera that took the pictures above. I likely should not have purchased it, but I've been waiting 3 frickin' years to get a nice camera. My friends Nicole and Trey were kind enough to give me a spare they had lying around, but this is so much cooler. Now the kids can play with the old one while I have one to play with myself. :) It's a Fujifilm FinePix A500, and I like it rather a lot. It ran about $150 on sale, with the memory card being another $50, of course.

  • I got these totally rocking Battle of the Planets figures from Chris McGlothlin that now add the appropriate level of cheesiness to my desk at work. This was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid, and now I own the figures in all their late-70s glory. At some point I'm thinking of renting the original Gatchaman anime and watching it, even though I know they had very, very little in common. :)

  • I went back to the gym after 3 weeks of hell and finally worked out. Even better, I did it this morning before work DESPITE not being a morning person in the least. Go me. May it be the first of many, 'cause there ain't no way I want to be as out of shape and tubby as I feel right now.

  • I am currently have a big huge case of the stupid in my life right now, some of it work related, some of it freelance related, some of it emotional. I've got to get out more or keep busier or something. I'm investing in things and people and emotions that I can't afford to invest in and that will be unhealthy for me in both the short and long term, and I don't know how to stop doing that. Something's going to give if I can't find a way to stop, and that something is most likely going to be me. I don't have that luxury right now. Taking on the added responsibility of a doggie likely does not help this, as I take her well-being almost more seriously than my own, even if I'm not keeping her. So.... STRESS. Yeah. Keep a good thought for me.

So, that's sorta the past week/weekend in a nutshell. Further inquiry on any of the topics above will bring additional blathering, I'm sure.


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