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So it was a bit more than a month until we played again. One of my players got a new job, and unfortunately there was no way she could either a) get off work on a Monday or b) that we could do without her for the last session. Also, end of school, summer schedule changes, blah de blah de blah. The long and the short of it is that we didn't play again until the beginning of July. That's okay, though, because it was entirely worth it.

The characters meet up, get some food, and start making some hard choices as to what they're going to do that night. The ritual can't be allowed to proceed, naturally, but how? They can't just blow it up (Oscar's suggestion), they can't move the ley line (Uno's suggestion, I believe), they can't just camp there, so the question of "how" is a big one.

The idea comes up of removing participants from the ritual, or otherwise making them unavailable. They discuss several options (Mary already being out of the picture) and settle on Ginny -- no virgin sacrifice, no ritual, right? Dylan takes his book and steps to the side to consult it. He isn't entirely sure what he's looking for, so he "throws math at it" to figure out what other variables do. What he gets back is a complicated equation that can be solved for multiple values (multiple potential outcomes). If they remove Ginny from the equation, the numbers say that the ritual isn't stopped, someone else just takes her place. If they remove one of the guys, then it continues without them. Various scenarios present themselves.... ones where Lucas dies, ones where Lucas merges with Adam, ones where all the Dark Scoobies die, ones where they die... there's a lot. What there isn't is conclusive evidence that taking one piece out of the puzzle fixes everything. They ponder going through the NeverNever and trapping/engaging Lucas there, where he's more likely to be out of his element. Uno takes a similar moment to update the Summer Lady. She responds with concern and appreciation and informs him that he is not to entangle the Summer Court in this matter -- his sword is sworn to her, after all, and she won't have it used against her orders. Uno returns to tell the others that going through Faerie is out, but he doesn't mention his Lady's orders.

With that fix taken out of consideration, they decide to head back to the cemetery and Morton's crypt and see if they can set up, maybe snipe him as Lucas comes in. They all bring gloves, just in case they have to touch the coin Lucas has. They drive up and find the main gate closed and chained shut. Adia pics the lock and pulls the chain off. She starts to push the gate open so they can enter, only to discover that she can't enter, bouncing back with a force equal to what she applies to the invisible barrier. Dylan and Danny confer and decide this is a pretty powerful ward. They scout around a bit and discover that it surrounds the graveyard, using the fence as the "circle" and using the ley lines to power it. Adia tries climbing it, but can't get through. They do discover that sticks and rocks can be thrown through it, so they deduce that it's probably keyed specifically to them, versus keeping everyone out equally.

Danny and Dylan sit and try to figure out if Danny can unravel the spell to bring the ward down, but Danny is understandably nervous about messing with something this big with effectively its own power source for maintenance. In the meantime, Zeke goes up and pokes at it. He gets that nauseous feeling again, telling him Lucas -- or rather, Azael -- is nearby. He thinks about the girl that's going to be sacrificed and asks Sauriel for help. He pulls out a pocket knife and invokes his faith through prayer, pushing the knife through the ward. He glows and the ward glows as well, and although he takes some mental stress, he manages to deal damage to the ward and push the knife and his hand through, disrupting the spell enough that it comes down. Not subtle, but effective.

The group chooses not to enter through the front, but instead goes around to the service/groundskeeping gate that's nearer to the crypt. They cross there into the graveyard. At first all seems well, but then they see the statues on each corner of the fence surrounding the Morton crypt stir from its moulding and move, setting itself free and moving toward the party. They are unsure at first how to handle the huge statues, given that they don't seem to be closing, then one rips part of its clothing off and throws it at them. Dylan redirects it back to whence it came, where it damages the thrower. He can't stop the next one, though. It doesn't hit anyone in particular, but when it lands near Danny, the earth explodes next to her. The resulting concussion blast and shrapnel break her leg, forcing her down. The group has a collective "bloody hell" moment. Adia starts trying to distract the creatures, moving away from the group and tumbling to make herself harder to hit. Dylan sets up a wall of force, trying to pre-empt the constructs by focusing the kinetic force of their explosive attacks on their own hands. He succeeds with three of them, blowing a hand off of each and thus removing their attacks for temporarily. Oscar starts shooting, trying to find a weak spot. Uno calls upon his mother for strength, embracing a bit of his Faerie heritage -- plant control, specifically, and calls upon a nearby tree to entangle the unaffected construct, which it does handily. He then runs up with his Summer Knight sword and attacks the statue, shattering it.

After seeing where Uno hit the statue, Oscar takes that knowledge and aims for the same place on another, doing enough damage to shatter it as well. They get off another deflected blast, but it doesn't hurt anyone. Zeke fires and does damage to one, while Danny follows that up with a force blast that shatters the last one, from her prone place on the ground. He runs over and lays his hands on her, asking Sauriel for help, and manages to undo some of the damage she's suffered... she finds the bone is no longer broken, though she still can't put weight on that leg and has to have a lot of help to walk. She's mobile, though, so everyone counts their blessings on that one.

With that in mind, the group closes in on the crypt. They manage to get past the last ward and gate to find a swirl of power in the circle at the center of the room, a barely conscious Ginny on her knees, with Adam standing above her with a knife in one hand and her hair in the other, his face dark and a blank expression on his face. In the back, Lucas stands chanting by an altar with an inverted cross hung above it, along with candles burning blue, ritual items, and goblets filled with some dark unsavory looking liquid. On the other side, the three guys are having sex with a woman, two of them holding her down. It looks like she should be screaming, but they can't hear her at all.

They step in. Oscar shoots the knife from Adam's hand, while Zeke forces his way into the circle to rescue Ginny. Adia moves into distraction mode again, drawing Lucas's attention, while the rest go to rescue the poor woman from the rest of them. Lucas screams and takes on his demonic form, a huge goat-headed demonic Pan figure, and proceeds to fight Uno, who ran up to take the hit while the rest got the kids dealt with.

Blows get exchanged, but the characters whittle away at Lucas, who packs a hell of a punch but doesn't resist damage as much as one might expect. Matt, John, and Mark are subdued, while Oscar basically lets Adam run past him into a wall, effectively knocking him out. Uno uses his sword to gut Lucas, finally, who drops with a scream. He falls to his knees and a blast of magic pushes everyone to their knees. He falls to the ground transformed into an emaciated 30-something man, a coin rolling from his hand to land near Adia. Zeke hastily picks it up and puts it in a bag, not giving her a chance to change her mind about not taking it up.

In the end, the coin is delivered to Father Reynolds at the Loyola chapel, to be handed over to a colleague of his in Chicago. Lucas is taken to the hospital by authorities, to reveal that he's not only injured, but he's got such an advanced case of system immune breakdown that it's not likely he's going to make it out of the hospital again -- he's basically lost the fight against AIDS, you see. The group, thus getting their answer about why Azael wanted a new body, decide not to intervene to help Lucas, even if they could. Mark, Matt, and John are taken into police custody, but they all express signs of having been the victims of emotional and mental magic. Ginny leaves the hospital as soon as she can, which is basically after 24 hrs, refusing any sort of examination for assault.

The group is left with promises made and broken, changes in status and possibly affiliation, and a mess of things that need their own cleaning up. What will happen in the next story? Well, it won't be until January thanks to the MA exam, but it'll be fun to see. See ya then!
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Missed posting about 11, and now it's a month later and we've finally done session 12. That's all right, though, as I'm getting them up today. Go me!

So after the demon fight, Zeke was limping pretty heavily. Oscar borrowed some clothes, since he was in his skivvies, and they all got Mary and the Father taken care of. Convinced that Lucas was a potentially harmful ass to begin with, the group seemed now newly determined to stand in his way (not to mention getting rid of him as best they can) at the first opportunity. Additional conversation with Mary got that she was frightened, and didn't feel up to going with them. They asked who else was involved with the ritual, obtaining the information that Mary, Mark, John and Matt were all sort of background components, and while they initially took supporting roles in the ritual, by the end of it, all the men were intended to have sex with her (and possibly each other) with the exception of Lucas. Once that was going strong, Mary didn't have a lot more to offer. She did know that Ginny was supposed to be special, though.... no one had touched her, not even Adam, despite their close relationship. Could she still be a virgin?

Dylan noted the names, once he heard the recitation: Matthew, Mark, John, Mary, Adam, Luke (Lucas), and Virginia (virgin sacrifice, maybe)? Suspicious and not really liking the direction this was going in, he tried to get the possible location of the ritual out of Mary, but to no avail. She didn't know. So he pulled out the book, looking for ley lines and sites of power in the area. They all head over to Danny's, where he consults his tome and she does some research. Between the two of them, they find two likely spots along the ley line. One is Federal Hill cemetery, one is Green Mount Cemetery. Green Mount is where two converge, but Federal Hill is older and less used, so they go there first.

The group arrives at Federal Hill after dark. They break in and try to find some spirits to talk to. The spirits here are old and restless, though, and Josh is seriously perturbed at the idea of Adia wandering around in here, since wraiths can see and attack her. Dylan and Danny cooperate and build a sort of spirit speaker, so that they can all hear the ghosts that Aida hears, and Josh takes it on himself to go find someone for them to talk to and bring them back here. He sets off into the graveyard, essentially advertising himself as fresh meat so that they'll stop circling Adia. She sees and hears battle break out, complete with gunfire and explosions. She sees Josh using a machine gun, shooting at a sort of writhing group of not-entirely-see-through shadows, and she feels a wave of terror.

A ghostly cannon booms, and everything stops. An old military figure appears with an enormous moustache, flanked by two lower-ranking officers with Josh in tow. He introduces himself as the general and demands to know the reason for this intrusion in an old southern accent. He declares that no one fitting the description of Lucas has been present in his cemetery, and that if there were any sort of breech like that, he would know it, as the spirits in his care who have forgotten themselves entirely would have poured out in search of... well, something, and it didn't sound good. He suggested that they go talk to Black Aggie, over at Green Mount. If there were something to see there, she'd know about it, and if there weren't, she'd likely know where they should go.

In return, he asked that they remember the fallen within the graveyard -- with none still living who knew the spirits within, they were hard pressed to remember themselves any more. Everyone agrees. Morris goes out to his car, then turns on the stereo and puts in a tape playing Taps, standing at attention and saluting his fellow military men for the duration. It was very touching, in a gruff Morris sort of way.

At this point, it's getting on to 2 AM. Everyone agrees that it's been a stupidly long day, and that they need to get some rest. Instead of splitting up, they all head over to Uno's brownstone at his suggestion and crash there.


The next session, Uno and Dylan both are awakened by fae music playing in the hall. Uno goes down to check it out and finds five wee folk musicians, floating down the hall and playing. He addresses them, and they greet him most formally. "We bring a message from your lady mother," one announces, and draws what looks like a red plastic cocktail sword. "She says, "be careful," and sends you this gift." He gives the sword to Uno with as much solemnity as he can muster. He asks if Uno would like more music, but Dylan grumbles at him and Uno says no. The little guy is disappointed and says that they could play all the mortals to sleep with some sweet, sweet lullabies, and that they really LIKE doing that. Uno says no, though, and they agree reluctantly, going back from whence they came, leaving Uno with his new toy sword and a conundrum in front of him.

Oscar wakes up first the next morning and figures out some of the benefits of living in a fae household, especially one inhabited by brownies. It's like magic, Adia says, and Dylan is intrigued as well. Uno discourages them from investigating further, though. In the midst of breakfast, Oscar gets a call from Mary, who says she dreamed of Lucas and ended up sleepwalking, which she never does. She is afraid he's trying to call her, and he wants them to come get her. Everyone gets in the car with pastries and coffee for the Father and his staff and heads over to see Mary. They decide it would be dumb to take her out of the church, though, as there's no protection they could provide that's better, and instead leave Zeke with her there after breaking the news to her (Zeke's player being absent this week).

From there, they head over to Green Mount to case the place. It's sunny, pretty, and home to the convergence of two ley lines. They find Black Aggie and ask her questions. She's slow and a bit sarcastic, and Adia has a hard time dealing with her because what she wants and is willing to give is very specific, and Adia's communications skills don't tend that way. Aggie is annoyed at Josh's presence and extracts a promise from Adia that he won't touch anything, and that she will be responsible for his conduct. They don't set the spirit speaker up again, though, so Adia's on her own for this conversation (Dylan and Danny had already done a bit of spellcasting, Dylan lifting Danny up to the roof and Danny doing a bit of thaumaturgy to figure out where likely spots here were). Aggie suggests the Morton crypt, which is one of the spots Danny had looked at. She gives Adia a token for passage, which takes the form of a sprig of holly.

Oscar stays on the gatehouse as a lookout, and the rest of the party goes back to the Morton crypt. There they find an elegant building with a gorgeous wrought iron gate. Adia puts the holly in the keyhole of the locked gate and it swings open silently, much to her happy surprise. Everyone goes inside, and immediately the two spellcasters feel the rush, like standing in a river of power. Dylan can't resist doing magic here, and Danny's not far behind him. Dylan manipulates dust motes to get images of people who've disturbed the place for the past month. He ends up seeing that Lucas came to visit a couple of weeks ago, and when he left he blew all the dust off the floor -- no tracks. Danny takes the place in with her Sight, and sees the crossing of the ley lines directly over a set of circles on the floor, which seems to function like an eddy pool, deepening the power and making it accessible, even as it contains it and allows the flows to merge and pass through instead of boiling over. She looks up and sees the ceiling as a veil, with shifting gauzy vistas beyond, close enough to reach out and touch them. She closes the sight, and the two compare notes. Oscar joins in, seeing no set problems, and they discuss what's to be done.

Although their initial thought was to break the circles, it's decided that there's a good chance that would make things go boom, especially if the ritual was in process at the time. It might take Lucas with it, or it might not, but it likely wouldn't be as forgiving to the kids involved. It also might be a problem for getting control establishing again, or it might just rip that veil altogether--and nobody wants to see that happen.

Danny decides she needs to check in and tell the Council what's going on. Everyone else decides that they'll leave it and just try to disrupt the ritual by taking away one or more of the participants or somehow otherwise disrupting the thing in progress. By the end of the session, everyone is going to make whatever preparations they need and meet back in the evening. Zero hour approaches.

It'll be a month before we play again, given end of semester and whatnot, but I think everyone's going to remember where we are. :) Till next time!
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So, between weather and school and one thing and another, we've had something like two sessions now that I've totally forgot to blog about. I am determined to rectify this, however, before it becomes three. As it happens, these sessions were pretty closely connected anyway, so it doesn't hurt anything to describe them together.

Okay. So, everyone meets back up after the boys get back from Faerie and decide what to do next. Mary is safely ensconced at the church, at least for the night. People generally decide to go home and get some rest -- Oscar takes off back to his place, Adia goes home with Dylan as no one is willing to let her spend the night at home alone with all this Mickey stuff going on, Zeke decides to post up in the church so he can watch over Mary, Danny gets word from Edinburgh that they want a report, so she goes off to do that (her player was missing for the first session of these two), and Uno rounds up his fae and changeling friends to do a quick spring cleaning on his mom's house (or rather his house when he chooses to stay there) before she comes calling.

Dylan gives Adia the couch and takes off for the bedroom. He asks Josh to let him know if anything happens, and puts a bottle on the doorknob to make sure no one gets in without his knowing about it. Josh takes a bit to sort of give Adia shit about getting in trouble and give her some brotherly dirt on Dylan, and it's all very touching. Then everyone heads off to bed. It's a bit later when Adia wakes up, as someone is sitting next to her on the couch, and it's not Dylan.

Upon looking up, Adia realizes that there's a visitor, and the bottle isn't broken. It's Lucas, who has somehow spirited himself inside Dylan's threshold. He's got a circle around the couch and has essentially pressurized it, so they can't be heard. He starts seducing Adia -- not sexually though, at least not beyond touches (and maybe a kiss, I can't remember now). He asks for her help, explaining that Mary is lost to him and that he needs her, that he can tell she's exactly what he needs. He offers her power and preference over his"kids," and that she could be his consort. It's unfortunate that Adia's as attracted to him as she is, because she can't bring herself to pull away, just as she can't bring herself to accept either.

About this time, Dylan is taken over by a deep chill, but doesn't wake. He then hears breaking glass and wakes up, saying a quiet thank you to Josh, and grabs up his pen as he runs into the living room. There he sees Adia on the couch, snuggled up to Lucas. He sees the circle and stands on the other side of it, twirling his pen in his fingers. He calls to Adia to step across the circle to him. She's slow to answer, because Lucas has been winning social challenges against her and she does have that whole Demon Monkey On Her Back thing going on. She manages to win free of Lucas, though, and steps outside the circle. Lucas accepts with surprisingly good grace considering the circumstances and lets her go. He makes one last offer, but she turns him down. Dylan tells him it's time to leave and Lucas does so, with the parting shot that he should perhaps date more, or otherwise invest in his threshold wards a bit more.

Dylan considers taking a shot at him, but with Adia there and on his own he decides against it. Lucas leaves the apartment, shrugging in good spirits. Not long after that, a thumping starts and heads down the hall toward the apartment. Dylan shuts the door in a hurry and starts planning.

At the same time, Oscar is awoken by a thumping at this back door. Zeke wakes up to something outside the church, seemingly banging hard enough on the doors to make them shake. Uno has someone at his front door, banging or stomping or pounding on the door.And that's where we break.

We resumed with everyone having their own private demon to fight. They were uniformly tall, pushing 8 feet, with short muscular legs, really broad shoulders, squashed faces with huge mouths, really unfortunate and stinky fur all over them, and long, muscular arms that end in claws. Someone asked if they looked like Gossamer from Looney Tunes, and the answer was yes, sort of, but stinkier and scarier. I hadn't really meant that to go that way, but why not? :)

So Oscar came into his kitchen, with the creature pounding on his back door. He was just in his skivvies with a knife when he snuck into his living room and checked his surveillance equipment, showing him what was at his door. As he's checking it out on the video, the door starts giving way. The demon lunges into the house, clearing furniture out of the way with swipes of its claws. Oscar grabs the gun and his keys, not bothering with pants, and runs over to his car, jumps in, and peels out, leaving his monster to rampage through his house as he heads for the church.

Zeke is torn between going out to the demon and staying inside the church, where, so long as he's there, the threshold is high enough that pretty much nothing is getting through (9+). Then he hears screams from outside, though, and realizes he has to go out there. He sneaks out a side entrance and makes his way to the front, pistol in hand, to find the demon attacking a young couple. He calls over and distracts it, pulling the demon away from the injured pair. He fires on the creature, wounding it, and then gets into a battle with it, trading shots and blows.

Uno goes out the back and walks through his side yard to the front, where he confronts the monster (his threshold held too). The demon turns and swings on him, and he swings his sword at the creature. The pair take to exchanging blows, Uno flipping out of the way and then striking back. He ended up slicing the demon largely in half.

The demon beats down Dylan's door and sees Adia there on the couch, looking scared. What it doesn't see is Dylan hiding to the side of the door. It also doesn't see the circle mostly completed around the sofa. It charges at Adia, who leaps out of the way and clear of the circle before it gets there. Dylan follows behind and completes the circle, and then charges it with its will and engages in Mental combat with it to keep it in the circle. From there, he calls Danny, and asks her to come help him figure out what to do with a trapped demon. Danny shows up and manages to control the demon, asking who sent it. It answers with one word, "Azael," and falls silent.

Oscar gets to the church in time to see a badly hurt and limping Zeke fighting off a bleeding demon on his own. From his car, Oscar grabs his gun and fires at the creature. He hits, but doesn't do enough damage to put it down. Another exchange and Zeke's down, except that he calls for Sauriel as he goes unconscious. In response, Zeke glows, getting up from the ground. He shoots again, wounding the creature one more time, but it's the bullet from Oscar's gun that blows its head off this time. The creature falls and dissapates into goo. Zeke gets up and runs into the church to check on Mary and Father Reynolds, but by the time he gets inside, the effect has ended. He collapses as soon as he sees they're safe, falling unconscious. Oscar runs in and asks the father to call 911, which they do.

And that's where we pick up next week!
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Picking back up at the end of the goat-demon battle, the characters found themselves with Zeke glowing as he laid hands on Mary, puddles of rapidly evaporating ectoplasm, and some minor wounds and issues that were speedily resolved. Danny took off after a phone call (her player couldn't be there) and the rest of the group tried to figure out what was next.

Oscar and Zeke decided that Mary needed to be somewhere safe where she could be questioned. Oscar loaded Mary into his car and made some calls, because He Knows A Guy, you see. Zeke finishes healing, feels like he finally got something right (He Wanted To Save Her, you know), and has a chat with Sauriel, in which it is revealed -- or perhaps hinted at -- that Lucas wants a new body not only because of the potential of the new form, but because there may be something wrong with his old one. It's true, one can effectively live forever if one is the host of the Fallen (less so if one is the host of an actual Angel), but it takes a bit of work if there's something wrong -- if one were, say, dying of something or other -- and the body can't be restored to what it might have been before the condition took place. If someone has cancer, for example, or AIDS, it doesn't stop the pain or all the symptomology; the Fallen can simply ignore it. It does, however, keep the problem from getting worse. That doesn't mean the Fallen is necessarily happy to have landed in a less than perfect vessel, though, or that he/she is bound to stay there.

All this being supposition, of course.

Dylan whips out his book and starts trying a divination to determine where Lucas is; what he gets is that he's not here, but he was, and now he's not again, though ostensibly he didn't actually go anywhere. He gets a Superb, so it's explained like this: Normally wizards can open gates through the Nevernever. You open the gate, you walk for a bit, you open another gate, and you come out. This was like that, but with no effective transit through -- almost a teleportation gate. Dylan decides that it might be worth trying to look for traces in the NeverNever to see if that can help them find him. Uno and Zeke offer to go along -- Adia wants to, but Josh points out that he can't go there. There's a brief bit of wondering what effect that would have, since she's his anchor. In the end, Dylan says no and Adia agrees, and she stays behind. Oh, and Dylan also gets that the pattern he's been following for the frequency of events looks ready to crest sometime in the next 72 hours, as a side note.

While they're discussing what they know of the Fallen and the Denarians, Adia mentions that maybe one of them should pick up the coin if it becomes necessary, to protect other people. It would only be for a short while, and then it could be safely disposed of. She and Oscar get into it, him forbidding her to even touch it and letting her know he'd be willing to kill anyone who tried to take that up. Things were tense, but Dylan intervened and it calmed down, with Adia being clear she didn't mean to try unless it came down to protecting an innocent, and Oscar being convinced to chill out. Seems safe to say there may be some mistrust there, you know?

So everyone piles into the car, and Oscar stops to let the guys and Adia out. They proceed to open a gate where they know one opened before -- and somehow Dylan makes the gate through/around Adia, which is both kinda cool and really awkward. They all go through and Adia's left behind, waiting for their return.

In the meantime, Oscar takes Mary to Father Reynolds, the priest at the campus church (it's a Jesuit school, after all). Father Reynolds provides a place for her to be for a while, and Oscar asks her some questions. Being set afire after calling for help seems to have weakened Mary's loyalty somewhat. Turns out that Lucas has been sort of seducing the whole group (though not personally) into losing more and more of their boundaries as regarding sex and magic, sort of grooming them. She gives up what information she has about the composition of the group and what the internal dynamics are, and she gives Oscar permission to go look through her place. Oh, and she tells about a box Lucas has, a wooden box that she's never seen opened. She hasn't seen it in a while and doesn't know where it is, but it's the only thing that's markedly his she's really noticed.

Meanwhile, the Knight, the Half-Wizard, and the Angelic Host (sort of) were standing in a very formal meadow, if one can imagine such a thing. Dylan takes up his diviniations here, trying to find a trail or heading they could follow to find Lucas. It takes longer than they'd hoped, and while he's calculating, the "grass" around Zeke's feet starts to ripple outward from him, and then to blacken and sort of die. No one takes this as a good sign. Uno starts hearing music on the wind that no one else can hear, and Dylan's getting distracted by an awfully playful wind. He manages to keep enough concentration to get done, though, just about the time Uno starts hearing his name.

Uno opens the gate this time, as Dylan's a bit mentally frazzled at this point, and they all go through. Once through, though, the gate doesn't seem to want to close. Uno has to really work to close it, which he eventually does, only to turn around and see... a brownie. Wearing livery.

Said brownie addresses him, specifically, telling him that his Lady Mother was most saddened that he should come into her lands without the courtesy of a visit. A great deal of hemming and hawing commences, as those were not his mother's lands last he knew, and she has not tended to be so.... formal... in the past. The brownie announces that she will be coming to meet with him soon, and he can apologize in person then -- he "and his companions" should therefore "make ready for her arrival." With a small flourish and bow, the brownie then vanishes.

So. Fallen seeking new hosts, corrupted college students, uptight sidhe moms, rising tension and interparty trust issues? Whatever shall we do! Come back and see next time -- it should be a blast!
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Well then. After four or six weeks off thanks to finals and illness and the holiday season, we finally had another session of Dresden on Monday, something to round out the old year. Everyone was excited to play, but everyone was also sort of out of touch with their characters. I knew I had to make it good, so I planned something I hadn't actually done yet this game: a combat. [ profile] innocent_man mentioned that when he had to deal with a long break, he found it useful to just start off in the middle of the action and let people figure it out from there. The group I have is pretty flexible and I knew that they could handle this, so I started them off 6 hours ahead, in a dark, dead-end alleyway, confronting a potential ambush, with no information about how they got there or what was going on. Tally ho!

As the group stood there, Mary stepped forward a bit, talking to Zeke. She thanked him for showing up and bringing everyone along -- she said she wanted to talk. The group could see she had five people behind her, but they weren't doing anything threatening other than standing in the dark, next to the building, where it was hard to see them. As the group got closer, Mary got snarky and the rest of her group moved forward, revealing that they were not, in fact, the rest of the group of college students, but five naked women... or sort of women... with horns, and fur, and goat heads, and really large breasts. They cast an incite lust power at the group, and three out of the six were affected. Zeke's angel kept him strong, so that while he could feel the attraction, he didn't have to act on it -- the ick factor kept him safe. Dylan resisted, as did Uno. Danny, Adia, and Oscar were all affected, though.

Oscar reacted by freaking out and going all Lethal Weapon on the nearest goat-woman-thing. Uno did a quick check for any fae resonance and rolled Legendary, and thus determined that these were demonic in nature, not fae, which added another level of "ew" to the mix. Danny spent a bennie to roll again and this time made it, conquering the effect. Adia started to approach them, and so to help out, Dylan supercharged a superball and sent it pinballing around the alleyway, pinging off all the goat-demons and distracting them. The bleats as they got hit (it didn't hurt them, as it happened) were unanticipated funny in the whole thing. He used his kinetomancy to have it speed up as it collided, rather than slowing down. It continued this until it hit escape velocity, from the alley at least.

Danny cast a force wall and used it to pin half the goat critters and Mary against the wall. She missed a couple, though. Oscar took on one of them, while the other headed for Danny. Uno intercepted it, pulled out his sword, offered it the chance to talk, and then when it didn't respond started whacking on it with his blade, cleaving it in twain. The body fell into ectoplasmic goop and evaporated, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief that these things weren't human in any way.

Mary got free from the wall along with another goat person. Oscar dispatched the one he was fighting with, and then made a grab for Mary, who was trying to get through the garage door on the shipping dock at the end of the alley. The loose goat-demon made a beeline for Danny, only to be intercepted by Zeke. He grappled with it, only to have it make an attack... it had addictive milk, you see (it's a demon goat -- it's reasonable). So it squirted milk at him and succeeded, and so the grapple changed from trying to hold it down to trying to hold on as the demon tagged the ADDICTED aspect.

Dylan saw Zeke was in trouble, so he stepped up and pulled the goat-demon away, Uno stepped forward and held onto Zeke, and Oscar stepped up, throwing Mary aside, and instead finishing off the goat-demon for Dylan, who isn't as good at killing barehanded (go figure). Adia during this had tried to sneak around and wall crawl to get close to the trapped goat-demon, thinking she would get close and free it somehow, but couldn't figure out a way to do it -- and upon getting close, asked if she could make a roll to resist after she realized she couldn't touch it. She successfully resisted and moved away, squicked.

During all this, Mary is calling out for Lucas, with no answer. Suddenly, though, Zeke has a wave of nausea pass over him, and Mary bursts into flames, screaming. The nausea kills off the remainder of the attraction, thank goodness. He cuts his thumb and runs over to Mary's body, which is burning at a pace no natural fire could equal. He draws a circle around them both with his blood and powers it, cutting off Lucas's magic. She's still on fire, mind you, but the flames are far more normal now. He throws his coat over her to smother the flames, and then calls on Sauriel to help him heal her. Her burns are really bad, but under his hands, they begin to heal. Mary is still alive, but unconscious.

In the meantime, with Danny nearing exhaustion from keeping up the spell, goes over to the remaining goat-demons. With his Wall of Death stunt, he neatly takes out all the rest of them, who collapse into goo that quickly evaporates. Everyone looks for Lucas, but he's nowhere to be found.

From there, we jump back in time to earlier that day. Zeke got a call from Mary referring to their conversation outside the rave that night, and says that she wants out. She asks him to meet her behind the student union on campus. He agrees, and everyone plans to come along.

In the meantime, there's a meeting with Mickey to go to. Everyone shows up at the chosen hotel and gets a room, which Adia texts to Mickey. Oscar waits outside, hidden, looking to retrieve his tracking device. Mickey arrives and the group gets down to business. They negotiate for a time, with finally both Dylan and Danny offering future favors, with the caveats that they will not break laws of any kind--magical or otherwise. Adia is prevented from offering anything and neither Uno nor Zeke have any interest in doing so. Zeke is only barely civil, and negotiating with the demon-ridden ex of Adia's who completely scares/creeps her out is pretty much jumping on his last nerve.

In return, Mickey reveals that Lucas Smith is actually one of the Fallen -- Azael, to be exact. There are demonic forces who don't want Azael to set up shop in Baltimore, and that's where their warnings are coming from through Mouthpiece. Azael has been in his current host for about 30 years, but Mickey's sources believe he's looking to change hosts. That's where the kids come in. Azael is the original scapegoat... he is affiliated with those who are cast out. Goats are his animal/totem, and in addition to that, he's one of the original seducers -- he prefers rabbis, priests, mages, etc. He uses magic himself, obviously, and is a pretty nasty character. He wants a new host, though, and he's got his eye on someone whom he wants to convince to take up the coin.

Zeke deduces he means Adam. Mickey has no additional information on that, but is always willing to do what he can -- for a price. No one takes him up on it. Mickey indicates his interest in relocating back to the Baltimore area, and with that, bids the group adieu. No one is thrilled to hear this. Oscar gets his tracking device back without a problem. With that, the group takes off to go see Mary, hoping that she's the break they've been waiting for. And thus we have closure!

Next time, Uno has to fulfill an obligation, things ramp up with Lucas, and the group tries to divine a way forward from here, before it's too late!
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It's been pointed out to me that I'm supposed to run Session #7 tonight (which is unlikely to happen given flight times) so it's high time I wrote this summary. After all, I'm in the airport, I've completed a large section of homework, and I'm waiting for a show to download: what else have I got to do? :)

As promised, when last we left #5, we went back and revisited a number of loose ends. Some of these were resolved quickly, some weren't. Recap ahoy! )
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So, following the trip to track down the woman who filed charges against one of the Cassel trouble twins, the group started preparing to follow Uno's lead to the rave that night. At least two of the party (Dylan and Danny) who are planning to go to the rave are suddenly taken by the fact that they... well, there's no way they're going to blend in. A trip to the mall for supplies is deemed in order, and so everyone, including Morris and Zeke (who are frankly amused by the concept), heads over to the local store-opolis to get appropriate party favors/apparel.

While Uno and Adia are dressing Dylan and Danny ("What do you mean, mesh shirt?"), Zeke and Morris are hanging out over by the food court. Zeke glances over and sees a homeless guy who's come in and is being pestered/asked to leave by security. He recognizes Mouthpiece, the one who got them started on this quest, and he and Morris head over. Mouthpiece starts greeting him with a quotation again and gives both a bible quotation from 2nd Samuel (Oh Israel, how the mighty have fallen) and a quote from Dangerous Liaisons (what is true of most men is doubly so of him). Morris was there and started actually trying to talk to Mouthpiece. He succeeded in trying to get Mouthpiece to name directly what was going on, but the strain of it sent the poor guy spiraling into delusion again and ended the conversation.

Shopping over with, everyone congregates again at the food court and Zeke and Morris explain what happened. Minor research is done on the quotes and the issue is largely tabled until after the rave. Everyone gets some food and gets all the prep done, and then they all head over to Western Baltimore to the rave site at an appropriate time. Adia and Zeke and Uno lead the group in a general overview of the types of refreshments available at a rave, their known effects, and the fact that you should always keep your drink covered. Standard party briefing, I suppose.

Once they arrive, everyone sort of takes stock of the situation. It's a legit operation at an old warehouse/industrial site. There's DJs and foam machines and lighting and all that sort of thing. No drugs are in clear view, there's security at the door, people are getting IDd on the way in... it all looks on the up and up. Uno and Danny head in and start mingling, while Danny, Adia, and Zeke start casing the place. Morris stays outside to keep an eye on those coming and going and to provide backup if needed. Zeke talks to security and asks them to keep an eye out for either Adam or the library girl. They agree, but really can't promise anything -- it's a busy night.

Unfortunately, raves can be really distracting. Danny forgets to keep her drink covered and gets caught up in dancing, and ends up accidentally taking some E (and a fate point for Hanging With the Wrong Crowd). Uno tries to keep an eye on her and one out for the kids they're looking for. Zeke, Dylan, and Adia find their way to the couches along the wall, where they find nearly the whole group waiting for them. Adam's got library girl (Ginny by name) curled up next to him. She's only half conscious, but his arm is around her protectively. There's an older guy lounged on the couch next to him. On the next couch over is Matt and Mary, with Jon sitting at the far end and Mark standing behind.

Zeke walks up and asks to talk to Adam. He's intercepted by the older man, who introduces himself as Lucas Smith. Zeke feels sort of a naseuous, skin crawling feeling around Lucas, but doesn't mention it to anyone. Lucas says he can't hear Zeke, and the music is loud enough that it's plausible. Finally, when Zeke refuses to leave, Lucas stands up and gestures to a place over behind the speakers, which it's much quieter for some reason. Adam comes with, leaving Ginny on the couch. Adia chooses this time to sort of sidle up and eavesdrop while Dylan keeps a magical eye out.

Zeke says he wants to talk with Adam and Ginny about Ginny's homeless situation, but Lucas refutes that statement, saying it was just a childish prank. He notes that Ginny isn't in a condition to answer questions at the moment and that they were about to leave. He offers instead to bring Ginny by in the morning to Zeke's office, and the kids can answer all the questions they want then. Zeke tries to push the issue, but Lucas beats him in social combat and he eases off, going along with the reasonable suggestion Lucas made instead. Adia gets closer to listen, but as she does so, one of her old weaknesses triggers. She Can't Kick the Demon Monkey, and she realizes as she approaches that she cannot remember when she was around anyone as hot as Lucas is. She plays up what she's feeling and interrupts the conversation, introducing herself and asking if she can go home with him. He smiles, somewhat flattered, and tells her "maybe later," sending her over to the couches. Once there, Adia sits next to Ginny, but Mary comes over and interposes herself, introducing herself to Adia and getting friendly.

Lucas excuses himself, and he and Adam (who hasn't spoken this whole time) go back over to the couches. They gather up everyone except Mary, and start moving toward the door. Dylan and Zeke try to follow (Uno has gotten Danny up the stairs, out of the crowd), when Lucas looks back and waves his hand over the crowd. The lights flicker and the crowd sort of moans collectively, and a wave of pure lust hits everyone inside the warehouse. Everyone is totally into everyone else, with hands grabbing and stroking and pulling and... yes, well. You know. Dylan resists like whoa, Adia totally misses her roll and her somewhat feigned interest in Mary becomes overwhelming passion. Zeke is hit but resists well enough not to jump anyone, Danny much the same, and Uno resists too. In the confusion, however, the group gets away -- well, from everyone except Morris, who sees them come out and tails them, back to their apartment.

As the group makes their way outside, they feel the effects leave them. Dylan goes back in with Danny and she dispels the spell, though it takes a while for the resulting chaos to morph into chaos of an entirely different sort. Morris settles down into surveillance until Matt leaves, grabbing his car and comes back to pick up Mary. Mary has since stepped outside and had a conversation with the group. She seems surprisingly not affected by the spell and has an awkward but mostly good-natured moment with Adia. Zeke and Dylan try to tell her she's in over her head, and Zeke asks her what she knows about the White Court, to which she seems genuinely confused. She is otherwise resistant to the adivce thrown her way, and when her ride gets there, she leaves. The group piles into Zeke and Uno's cars and head out, off to let Danny sleep her mickey off, to let everyone get some rest, and to figure out the next step.

Next up: A possible morning visit with Lucas and the crew, a bit of research comes back, and a call from the Ex From Hell! Let's see what happens next time. :)
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So this past time, the session was a lot like herding cats -- by which I mean mostly me trying to keep track of things, not my players. My boyfriend's kids were up and around for the first bit, and attention spans were wandering, and it was a challenge to keep any sort of focus or momentum going. We did eventually get started, though -- and for me, I think "started" comes down to when I played the evening's song (which I actually did a little ways in, but it really helped my focus at least, if not anyone else's). I will have to try to remember to do that first thing from this point forward.

So. Tonight's theme song is "Gone Daddy Gone," by the Violent Femmes. No, not the Gnarls Barkley one, though I like that one too. The original.

Danny's player was back tonight, so we ran a quick scene about what happened over the night before. She got a call from her uncle (who's part of the White Council) asking her to meet him. She took off and ended up meeting with him in an out of the way warehouse outside of town. He had the local warden with him, along with someone else on the council. They were robed and obviously here on formal business. Danny didn't come prepared, so she wore street clothes. They started the conversation up in Latin, making Danny even more uncomfortable about why they were all here, and they proceeded to explain that they were getting reports that lines of power were starting to shift in Baltimore, and they didn't know why. The also had other things going on, so they charged Danny with finding out what was going on and putting a stop to it if they could -- after all, she wants to be a warden, remember? If she needs help she can call for it, but otherwise she's to handle it herself. Her uncle gave her a hug on the way out and he told her to "watch her back." Given the cold stare from the other Council member and the lack of input from our warden friend, I think she suspects she might need to do that on more than one front.

She got home, realized how late it was, and got some sleep. That got her up in time to meet up with everyone else -- who, as it happens, was going off to the TKE fraternity house to see if they could track down that lead from the video.

Morris and Danny decided to stay in the car while Uno, Adia, Zeke, and Dylan went up to the frat house. The brothers weren't there, for the most part -- we are still a few weeks before school picks up again for the fall -- but the designated adult is on hand. He invites them all in and they tell him about the girl living in the library. He doesn't see what this has to do with TKE and is not terribly inclined to be helpful about anybody in the video, but then Dylan gets all "rapport challenge" on his butt, and he ends up deciding to be more forthcoming so long as it is clearly understood that the fraternity has nothing to do with this. He identifies the guy with the logo as Adam Josephs, a member in good standing. Adam formerly lived in the house, but moved out in the middle of the spring term, ostensibly to live with his girlfriend. (This information is confirmed by a friend of Uno's who's on vacation, but is also a member of TKE.) The guy doesn't have anything bad to say about Adam -- bright, handsome, has money, seems to have it all together barring a bad case of puppy love. The girl he moved in with matches the description of the other girl in the photo from the security feed -- apparently named Mary.

Their time on site also garners them a bit more info -- Uno spots two of the other guys in the picture in a group pic of TKE members from a couple of years ago. Further inquiry reveals that they're Matt and Jonathan Cassel, twins who both pledged. They were having money troubles and ended up going inactive. Matt in particular was rumored to have been stealing from the house or other TKEs, it wasn't clear which and no one could confirm it either way. It does come out that Adam is from the moneyed side of Boston -- not of Dylan's acquaintance, but his name would be familiar from the society pages.

Upon leaving, Zeke called up a friend at the police department and started looking for records. His friend Rosenstern confirmed that Matt Cassel had a record of getting into trouble -- a B&E, a domestic dispute, some petty theft. Nothing on Jonathan or Adam. Adia heads down to the library to check through back issues of the paper and see if she can find more info on Matt's indiscretion. Adia doesn't find anything in particular, although it apparently blew up into a scandal that hit TKE pretty hard back in the day. Matt and his brother both dropped out a year ago last April, and haven't been heard from since.

Zeke gets the info on who filed the domestic complaint 9 months ago, a woman named Jamie (I can't remember her last name at this point). For a while they hope that it's their library girl, but a fax from Rosenstern quickly counters that. They decide she's their best lead to at least two of the group, so they go down to the "gentrifying" side of West Baltimore, where they find her apartment. They go up and knock, and she lets them in, and starts informing them that her ex was a schmuck and an asshole and she kicked him out as soon as he laid hands on her. She says that John lived there too in the spare room, but that he followed Matt in a vain attempt to keep him out of trouble. She identifies the other guy in the picture as Mark, a guy with no money and no family to speak of who was the definition of "wanna be" and "hanger-on". She knew Adam too, said that she caught Mary sleeping with Matt, but that wasn't the only person Mary slept with and that Adam didn't seem to care. They ended up with a rough address for Mary, wherein they hope to find her and at least one of the other guys, Adam in particular since he seemed closest to our mystery library girl.

By this time it's getting on to evening, and the local color is starting to blossom. Morris and Uno were watching the back (and Morris is watching his car), Danny's getting chatted up as a fine piece of womanhood by a local player despite her best efforts to disengage (she chose to stay outside and see what would happen) and Adia tries talking to some alleged drug dealers, who look at her incredulously and tell the men she's with to take her home before the "fireworks" start going off. Everyone retires to their various vehicles and gets ready for the next step of the evening, which consists of the rave Uno found out about and/or storming the castle at Mary's -- and no, that is not a euphemism. So not a lot of action, but a lot of information.
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So. Yes, I am nearly two weeks late. I'm in grad school. What do you want from me?


When last we left our motley crew, they'd left the library trying to figure out what was next. There was a girl to find, some other people to find, a rooftop spell to sort out, and any number of other things to try. Upon leaving the Loyola library, they decided to motor back to Mo's Crab Shack (not only open late, but also accorded neutral ground) and determine their next move. Danny got a call from her White Council contact and went to take care of that [her player was out this session], letting everyone else hold down the fort in the mean time. Uno had something to do first, though; it was time to contact his Lady.

[Nota Bene: In this setting, to make all of this make sense, I've assigned a knight to each of the three ladies of the Courts. The least powerful is the Lady's Knight, as opposed to the Queen's or the other one, whom I can't remember the title of at the moment. Uno's the knight of the Summer Lady.]

Now, I did a little reading and discovered that I had not been handling any number of tasks correctly in previous games. It worked well enough, but it could work a lot better, so I applied myself to integrating more of the system into play. Upon [ profile] innocent_man's suggestion, I also tried to make sure and tap everyone's trouble aspect and one other during the course of the session, which I did. :) This made some effort for me but I think the game turned out a bit better because of it.

So, back where we were. Uno went to see his lady and tell her about the summoning circle. She was unimpressed, basically. She wasn't sure why he was spending his time on such things and began questioning his loyalty -- in a roundabout, summer fashion, anyway. He assured her that he was loyal, and she, in turn, brought up The Choice, reminding him that although he seemed drawn to his fae nature, should he choose to be something other than mortal, he would no longer be a knight, with all the requisite fallout that could incur. His Choice stands to land him in trouble either way, as there are some who'd like him to choose fae. This was brought to his attention and is something I'm going to have to continue puzzling out over time.

While Uno was taking care of that, the rest of the crew ordered a really late dinner and started talking about the situation. The upshot of all of it was that they didn't have a lead on the girl, so that got back burnered for a bit. Morris was going to get some security stuff (motion sensors, etc) and trick out the door to the roof so they'd know what was going on. They discussed what they knew, decided there was a good chance that the people casting the spells didn't know what they were doing, so somewhere they got ahold of a ritual or something like it and it just happened to work. Someone wanted to know more about Nicor, the demon speaking through Mouthpiece, and someone else wanted to know what the circle was supposed to summon. Oh, and Josh, the ghost of Dylan's brother who has latched onto Adia, kept talking shit about his brother.

Dylan got out his book again and tried to divine something new about the circle. What he got, while his crab was kept warm by Roz, the nice waitress, was that this event seemed to set up as sort of a repeating sine wave/spiral, only every iteration kept getting larger crests until it reached escape velocity, as it were. He asked if he could narrow down the timeline, but I pointed out that the variable for time could actually represent a set of numbers instead of just one, so no luck with this input. (Have I mentioned how weird it is couching this stuff in terms of math/physics?)

It was about that point that Adia felt compelled to point out that if anyone knew about demon stuff, it was her evil-ex, Mickey who tried to sacrifice her for power. People felt it was probably a bad plan for her to call him, but information is information. She calls up the ex, who is delighted to talk to her. He agrees to meet with her the next day, but only if she wears his favorite shirt. Everyone does the "we'll be here and kick his ass if need be" response and Adia feels comforted. She agrees against her better judgement. After doing so, though, she feels really nervous about going back to her place for the night, so Zeke gallantly offers to let her stay with him -- her in the bed, him on the couch. Everyone else returns home and sleeps.

The next day, Dylan checks in at school, grades some papers to keep up with his actual job, and makes arrangements to go see the library curator. While he's there, the head of his departments stops in. It seems there was a security report that Dylan made the security guard let him into the library late at night so he could have sex with some woman (Morris's "drunken" story to the really drunken guards). The dean wanted to know what was going on and sort of unofficially chastised Dylan for being there at all, even after Dylan dismantled the guards' story (and privately swore to get Morris later). In the meantime, Zeke's busy thinking chaste thoughts as he takes Adia back to her place for a change of clothes. They meet Dylan up at the university, where they talk with Daniel Scoggins, the head librarian.

Daniel is dour and devoted to his library. How much he does or doesn't know is really not clear, but he lets them know he appreciates their bringing the last evening's issues to his attention. He explains that the 4th floor room is really a vestige of an old, incomplete building plan. Students have known about it for decades and usually get up there to have illicit sex and drink sooner or later, but it's an odd time of year for it. He seems somewhat disbelieving about the attempted spell casting and refers to it as grafitti, but agrees that one of their people will take care of it. He also tells Dylan on the way out to please contact him if he needs anything next time at the library -- anything. While they're walking out, Sauriel takes a moment to speak to Zeke, letting him know that the girl is in danger and he really needs to find her. Zeke asked how, and Sauriel pointed out that he was a federal marshal before buggering off. Zeke sends Adia over to Dylan to go to the restaurant and says he'll meet them there. He goes back to speak to Daniel, who then sends him to security to look over the tapes from the night before. Zeke finds footage of both them and some apparent associates of the girl -- 4 boys and another girl. With all the reviewing of footage, it becomes apparent that he's going to be late to Adia's party. He does, though, notice that the ostensible leader of the group with the girl is wearing a TKE frat logo.

Morris goes to get the stuff the next morning, only to find out he can't get it all. He starts going over his car from the night before, and in doing so sort of gets caught up in his task and planning and talking with his sane, car-oriented, non-supernatural buddies. He also, feeling things are well covered, figures out he's going to be late. Uno decides to test out the girl's story of a rave and finds out where the next one will be this weekend. Doing so also makes him run late, though. In the end, it's only Dylan and Adia waiting for Mickey at Mo's -- and that's when Adia informs Dylan that she needs him to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Mickey comes in, all suit and charm and slime. Posturing happens, conversation ensues, Adia feels oddly attracted to Mickey still and hates herself for it, and things progress. Mickey agrees to see what people know in exchange for a price. He offers to get a bit of information, let them set what they'll pay for it, and then negotiate from there. This looks promising and things seem to be progressing and just about to move from business to pleasure when everyone else shows up, one by one. Mickey seemed unusually interested in Uno. Morris went on about Mickey's car and took advantage of the opportunity to plant a tracking device on it. Mickey extracted himself from the conversation and left none the wiser, at least as far as the characters know.

Next steps: find the girl, find the guys, find out what Mickey knows, Morris still wants to monitor the door, and there's undoubtedly something else I'm not thinking of. Woo hoo! Fun for everyone. :)
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So, when last we left our intrepid adventurers two weeks prior, they'd determined that the Loyola library was as good a place as any to start. They wanted to talk to the librarian (who was inconveniently not at his post at midnight during the summer, go figure) but weren't content to wait until the next day. It was therefore arranged that they should find a way in on their own. Why wasn't entirely communicated, but they agreed on the general plan regardless. After finishing talking to Molly, Adia and Zeke traveled over to meet Dylan, Morris, and Danny at the library. Uno'd already slipped through the Ways to get there, beating everyone else to the scene.

Once there, the group found themselves momentarily nonplussed as to how to gain entry to the facility, not being accustomed to breaking and entering on a large scale (or else too long out of college themselves). Morris, however, took the bull by the horns and called campus security, explaining that Professor Shelby needed access to the building, and could someone come down and let him in, please. The guard's response (Do you know what time it is?) did not indicate that he bought this tale, but then Morris put Dylan on the line, who confirmed his story. It being a slow night, they sent a car down to help the professor out.

Once security was on its way, Adia, Zeke, and Uno decided to slip around the back side of the library and make themselves scarce, since they weren't really part of the cover story. They decided to try to find another way in, just in case. While they were back there, Uno spotted a light moving through the third floor of the new, all glass, section of the building. He and the other two decided to pursue entry with new vigor, and moved around until they found the oldest part of the library. Rather than glass or sheer, inconveniently tall brick towers, here the walls were that vaguely academic gothic style, meaning with all sorts of handholds and windows and whatnot. Aidia used her climbing skills to get up to the first window that opened, on the second floor, and get inside from there. While Uno and Zeke waited impatiently, she tried talking to a ghost and examining stairwells before letting in her friends. Once they get into the stairwell, they hear scuffling sounds from above, followed by a scream from the other end of the building.

To jump back, Morris and Dylan and Danny talk Charlie, the security guard, into letting them in. His partner stays outside while they go in so the professor can get his books. That said, Zeke texts Morris to let him know about the light they see up above. Morris takes charge of the situation, convinces Charlie to go back to the car and let him handle it, and the three of them proceed upstairs. Once there, they see a dark figure at the end of the hall. It spots them and tries to run, but Danny throws up a wall of force in its path. Morris and Dylan investigate, with Danny lagging behind due to her bum leg. Morris pulls a gun and she screams (catching up to the previous timeline) and they find out it's a young woman with a flashlight. She tells them she was there on a bet. They don't believe her, so then she admits she's there to prove she's cool enough so she can get into this rave. She claims 23, but Dylan pegs her for 19 at best. They decide to let her go before security gets back, and she high-tails it off for the far end of the library, where the others are.

Zeke and Adia join the others, while Uno stays behind to investigate the scuffling sounds. As it turns out, the old part of the library is 3 stories high. There's a 4th landing in this stairwell, though, with a locked door at the top. Uno goes up but can't get the door unlocked. In the meantime, the security guards come back, this time Charlie and his partner. Morris takes charge of them and they go off to check the building together, getting them safely out of the way. Dylan takes this opportunity to do a divination again with the Damned Book, and ends up figuring out that this is the right place, although he's still slightly off -- maybe the old part of the library is closest. The girl is related to the situation somehow, but not integral to it. They all set off to find the right place, then.

In the searching, they find their way back to that stairwell. Zeke popped the lock on the 4th floor door, and they found themselves in an old, mostly abandoned room littered with vending machine wrappers, soda and alcohol bottles, and used condoms. The room had another door, thogh, this one fastened with a hasp and padlock. Uno cleaved it with his sword and they went through, discovering that it led out into a sort of flat clear space on the roof, with a big air conditioning unit and a sort of short railing around the edges. They found some candles that had burned out, but not a lot of other stuff -- some smudges on the asphalt like graffiti that had been drawn on and mostly erased, but that's it. Danny decided to whip out the Sight and have a look around, and what she saw was a lot of energy currents swirling and eddying, but that on the decking there seemed to be faint lines of power accruing along the drawn, scuffed out lines. The determined that this was a summoning circle, and that someone was trying to summon something a bit at a time -- not full practitioners, evidently, and possibly not even serious magic users at all. They argued for a while what to do, as one of the circles was still intact and there was nothing in it. They decided to leave it for now, go do some research and find the girl and see what they can learn about what's really going on.
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So nearly two weeks late, I'm finally posting the update. [ profile] innocent_man had beaten me to this by nearly two weeks, but that's neither here nor there. I had stuff to do, like finish posting all the chargen stuff. That's okay though. I'm going to borrow liberally from Matt's write up and repost it here, if that's okay, along with addendums and additions as necessary. I'll likely do my own in future, but time is short at the moment.

And now, the first session in our Dresden Files game.

We begin our story with...well, with a song by Devil Makes Three called "The Plank." The characters were at a bar called the Brass Monkey, mostly just to hang out and check out a band called Blueberry Bitches (which it turns out is a real band, with a Myspace page and everything!). Most of us know each other - Danny is pretty much the lynchpin, so we kind of gravitated to her. We hung out and bullshitted a bit, drank some beer, and discussed whether the lead singer of the opening act was male or female ("Girl," whispered Aidia to Dylan, "I slept with her"). Uno was more or less apart from the group at this point, hanging with his Fae buddies near the band.

And about then, there was a ruckus at the door. Irving, the bartender, was shoving a dude back. Zeke, ever helpful, went up to see what was going on, and saw that the person there was Mouthpiece, who has some problems with demons in his brain. He motioned for the rest of us, and we went outside, because Mouthpiece just wanted to tell us something. We walked across the street, and he said:

The Genie that haunts the moonbeams spake to the Demon of the Valley, saying, "I am old, and forget much. Tell me the deeds and aspect and name of them who built these things of Stone." And the Demon replied, "I am Memory, and am wise in lore of the past, but I too am old. These beings were like the waters of the river Than, not to be understood. Their deeds I recall not, for they were but of the moment. Their aspect I recall dimly, it was like to that of the little apes in the trees. Their name I recall clearly, for it rhymed with that of the river. These beings of yesterday were called Man."

So the Genie flew back to the thin horned moon, and the Demon looked intently at a little ape in a tree that grew in a crumbling courtyard.

Someone asked if he was crazy, but he said he knew a hawk from a handsaw. He also said that "the children know not what they do." Dylan recognized that hawk comment as Shakespeare, but didn't know the other quote. Danny used the Sight on Mouthpiece, and Saw him as a human ridden by an oily, dripping, black slimy cloud-like thing. Mouthpiece became less helpful (and less possessed), and wandered off.

Well, the evening well and truly fucked, the characters decided to dig into this. Mouthpiece is a known demon associate, and even if we didn't trust him (we don't), it was good to get a leg up on this kind of thing. Aidia faded into the background here, and went in search of a "tree in a crumbling courtyard." Zeke followed her. Uno went off with the band to have a good time (and confirm the whole "girl or boy thing"). Dylan, Danny and Morris got in Morris' kick-ass car and headed to Danny's for research.

Aidia wound up talking to a nifty Scottish ghost named Molly, who'd been hanged in the 19th century sometime. She wasn't able to tell us anything about Mouthpiece in particular, except that demons spoke through him, and it wasn't always the same demon. She would give us more information in exchange for a stone (she didn't have one), and so Aidia went looking.

Zeke took a moment to invoke Sauriel, the angel that rides around with him sometimes. Sauriel informed Zeke that there the Mouthpiece was speaking for Nikor a demon. He said he was likely not working directly for himself but more likely pointing us at a competitor or something of the like.

Zeke asked a question like "Don't s'pose you could point us at said competitor?" (I forget exactly phrasing) but knew the moment it was out of his mouth, that Sauriel wouldn't answer and followed up with "Of course you can't tell me that you've gotta be all mysterious. Can't make it too easy... Otherwise it might eff the ineffable plan..." To which Sauriel responded "You're learning...besides you've found a poem and looked a round a bit. After all it's only been 2hours. You've got to learn somethings for yourself." And sported a Cheshire cat grin!

I then asked, well can you at least tell me how to honor Molly so she's happy, and he informed Zeke about leaving a stone offering to build her a cairn at her tree... "Its a lil' pagan like - but from that time what wasn't... and it's harmless enough..."

Dylan opened up his Damned Book, grabbed some graph paper and his compass, and went to work (he can use the book to cast one Divination per session). As it happened, I got a kick-ass roll. Dylan saw a hungry, storm-like power out in the bay, waiting for something. He saw spiritual powers intersecting with lines of learning, and attempting to bring forward a power-in-waiting. But, as usual, the math didn't add up - he couldn't get more specific.

Danny, meanwhile, had tracked down the demon in question - a minor demon called Nicor. This demon is a demon of the sea, blamed for shipwrecks and the like. Combined with what Dylan learned, this seemed ominous.

Meanwhile, Aidia and Zeke had spoken to Molly again. She refused to say anything about the larger issues Dylan had uncovered, but she would say that if a demon uses his own words, he's usually lying. If he quotes someone else, he's generally telling the truth. Since Nicor had quoted Lovecraft (oh, the characters figured out that's what the initial quote was), he was ostensibly telling the truth...but about what?

"Lines of faith intersecting with knowledge" sounded like Loyola University. We contacted everyone and met up at the library. It was after hours, yes, but when has that ever stopped a group of PCs before?

Next time, we break in.

Thank you for the write up, blackhatmatt, and thanks to Matt K for providing the Zeke/Saurial conversation. :)
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So, last part of this, I promise! It's just been a really busy week. I probably could have skipped all this exposition, but it's been good for me to have this somewhere and I think it's generally useful to our viewers at home.

We therefore go back in time to the evening of city creation, in which we were down to choosing pertinent locations and the faces thereof. Some of these were places that figured in their backstories/phases, some of them were just things we felt were important. Each location is categorized as theme or threat, and for each there's an idea and an Aspect in play, as well as at least one person connected with it.

I should note here that while we made some things up wholesale, we also dialed up Google Maps and Street View and played the holy hell out of "that's a cool place!" We've therefore got street addresses and place names for at least half of these that actually exist, and that means that when I have some where concrete that the players want to go, I can pull up the picture -- if not of that place, then of somewhere close enough for reference. I know where things are and where they're likely to be, and I can use just enough info to make it feel real without getting mired in it. Gods, I love the internet. :)

Without further ado.... )
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Our story continues.

So, with the city partially designed (and NPCs will get their own post), we moved on to character creation. Most of the players had some idea of what they wanted to do before they got there, but not all. We went around the table first and worked on coming up with high aspects -- the snapshot idea for their characters. Then we came up with their troubles (the thing that complicates their lives) and then moved on to dialing in a bit more to templates and the idea in general. We didn't look heavily at stats/powers at that point, though. We went ahead and instead ran through the phases, working out history and issues and how they all know one another. The actual stats we saved until the second night, but I'll include them here too.

Oh, and the power level is Chest Deep, which it occurs to me is important to say. Now for characters!  )
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Okay, so after the game demo I ran at Origins (or, more accurately speaking, quite a bit before I ran it), I was requested to run a Dresden Files game for Matt's regular Thursday night gaming group up here in Cleveland. I agreed (aka was sufficiently bribed and flattered) and have now embarked upon this crazy adventure with myself and six (6!) players: Matt M. Matt K., Andrea, Glen, Gail, and Sarah.

We've spent the last couple of weeks going through individual and city chargen. It took two sessions to get through... in part because we were all figuring it out at the same time, in part because it took me a little bit to get clear on a couple of the steps. Also, we had one player who couldn't make the first session and doing most of the city and then half the character chargen in the first session gave her time to catch up.

City Creation! )


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