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Okay, so I have my iPhone. I LOVE my iPhone. It is shiny and happy and puts a little smile on my face every time I get to use it, or close enough thereto. It gives me stories to read and music to listen to and messages and movies and internet access and games and notes and contacts and calendar and info syncing and every good thing. What it does not give me, however, is phone coverage at the house.

Unless I go outside (or oddly, of late, into the bedroom), I get sporadic one-bar signal only. Outside I can get up to two, and in my room I can get two sometimes, but one nearly all the time. In the main part of the house, I occasionally get one and most of the time get nothing. At school my coverage is great; if I leave and go shopping or run errands or drive around, it's great. It's just here at the house that it is crap. Sigh. This is true for a number of different phone services, but not Verizon, apparently. Matt and Heather are both with them and have no problem connecting here at the house or elsewhere.

Here's the thing, though: I really, truly do love my iPhone. The thought of giving it up really troubles me. I have friends who have Droids, but it just doesn't seem the same. I'm not under contract to AT&T anymore so I could switch, but having to give up my iPhone as a phone just kills me. I know, I could just use it with wireless and have it become an iPod Touch with more potential, but that's just so SAD. And I doubt that I'll be able to maintain service on my iPhone along with another phone just to have coverage at the house -- that's just silly, and iPhone-compatible plans aren't the cheapest thing out there.

Here it is, then. Can someone tell me of the things that make a Droid awesome? Is Verizon all that and a bag of chips? I love the ease of compatibility with my phone and my macs, the access to iTunes (and the ease of sharing media between computers and iPhone), the relative stability of the platform and all its apps, and the easy intuitive interface of the iPhone. How does a Droid compare on these fronts? All opinions and anecdotes are appreciated.


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