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I had to go to Target today to pick out a present for my son's best friend, whose birthday party is today. In doing so, we walked past all that Easter candy. Evil, evil Easter candy. Now, I really don't care much for mainstream domestic candy, much less chocolate. I am thus immune to most of the temptation offered by that aisle, except for when the monthly cravings hit and for three days I'll take anything with a vague pretense to cocoa. This time, though, I got to the section with the Cadbury cream eggs (my ex's favorite) and I saw them: Russell Stover Marshmallow Eggs.

Back in the day, when the town drug store was the only source for higher-end chocolates (the kind that came in big boxes with fillings and cream centers and stuff), I remember RS holiday stuff. They'd always have some sort of filled holiday-shaped chocolate, and if I was very, very good, my mom would sometimes let me have one. They were individually wrapped in bright foil packaging, always up by the cash register with a box of cute pens or lip balm or key chains or something. Gosh, those were good. Now that I'm grown, I know it's hardly the best chocolate ever, but they had a good handle on making the fillings yummy and they were well put together. It was also a damn sight better than Hershey's, which was the default in the candy world for chocolate.

Overwhelmed by nostalgia and the pleading face of my son, I gave in. I got a Cadbury cream egg for Al, a Wonka caramel egg for Will, and me? I got the Marshmallow Egg.

And it was just as good as I remembered it. :)


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