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Will's team won his game last night, so they'll be playing on Saturday in the championship game in his division. He's apparently shaping up to be a pretty good catcher, as his attention wanders far less when people are throwing things at him all the time. :) I'm very proud of him.

Also, it turns out that in Al's PEERS social skills group, a good 1/3 of the boys in attendance are all going to the same middle school he is next year. They all go to the same elementary now and are in the Special Ed program there. They all have Asperger's/autism, are all fairly high-functioning, and refer to themselves as "the A-Team." Alisdair has been adopted into this group whole-heartedly and has made at least one new best friend, a boy named Troy (who is just a bit older and at least a foot taller... that boy makes Al look short, which is really something if you've ever seen Al next to the rest of his classmates) or, as he is also known, "Big T." If you put the two of them together in a room, they gravitate to each other like magnets.

Last night after the skills group, the father of one of the boys in that group called me and invited me and Al and whoever else in the family would be interested to a potluck that the families at the A-Team's current elementary school were having tonight. When I told him, his whole face just lit up and he said, "I'm invited?!?!?"

I hadn't realized, I guess, how keenly he felt the differences between himself and some of the other kids. I know some of the parents of the boys' friends at Graham Hill remembered Alisdair's blowups from when he was younger, and there've definitely been times when Will's been invited to something and Alisdair not. They were scared of what he'd do, I guess, or that they wouldn't know how to handle him, so all in all they just preferred not to deal with it. I understand, but I guess I hadn't thought Alisdair had noticed that much. Seeing his face, though, and hearing his voice when he learned he'd been specifically included... God, that was worth so much.

Of course, the game of Will's that I thought was tonight is actually a practice, and I was expecting to be there because I thought it was a game, but apparently it's not. David is going to cover things with Will, though, and I'll evidently be taking an overjoyed Alisdair to meet more of his new classmates and hang out with the A-Team a bit more. :) I admit, I thought it was pretty nice to be invited to something too. I think that's the first time I've been invited to anything school-related by anyone.


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