Jan. 17th, 2012

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Points: 41
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Weight: 228.2 -- I suspect this is artificially inflated from the tummy issues and the carbs the night before (and weighing this morning kinda confirms it) but this is the official number.
Weight lost: .6 lbs
Points: 31
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Jan. 17th, 2012 10:41 am
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The bwessed awwaingement... that bwings us togevvah, today.

Okay, so, I got married. 4th of January. A Wednesday.* We didn't want to do a big wedding (and couldn't afford one in any case) so we got Matt's mom, Heather and Aaron and the littles, my boys, Sarah (who brought Max), Karafa, and Nicole, who flew in from Arizona to be here for me. We'd initially thought of getting married close to home, but it turns out that the closest Municipal Court (and the one we'd qualify for, Berea) didn't do weddings until the 12th. This was not logistically acceptable because it meant my boys couldn't be there, so we started looking around. Heather recommended the Lewis County court house, as she thought they only charged $15. That's Toledo, for those not Ohio-oriented (or if I got the county name wrong). We decided that a road trip to Toledo to get married by the Justice of the Peace sounded like a fine idea, since it seemed in so many ways to symbolize the relationship we've had. :)

So. I wore my red dress and new black boots with impractical heels (that are only sort of piratey) and didn't finish my shawl -- 2/3 done, but just could not close the deal -- so I took my clapotis for a shawl and went off to get married. Matt wore his kilt hose, kilt shoes (I don't know what they're called), a white shirt, his Prince Charlie jacket, and a leather top hat with his clan crest on it and we all drove off to Toledo (the boys were very nicely dressed in shirts and ties and Will had a pinstripe blazer, which he loves).

We carpooled/caravaned our way there. Once arriving, we checked in, paid our fee, and went to the courtroom. The hallway was filled with far less cheerful people who were waiting to do far less cheerful court things. We were okay, though--marriages were last, so we ended up waiting about an hour. There was a couple who got married before us. They just wore street clothes and she was pretty obviously pregnant, but they smiled a lot getting married, especially the groom, and it was very sweet. Then we all trouped in -- apparently the JoP doesn't get a lot of weddings with an entourage.

I had my bouquet (red roses and purple daisy-type things) and my vows, but we didn't actually go over the service in advance, so there wasn't room. Instead, we ended up doing a more traditional service which made our friends chuckle as we both promised a lot of "verra improbable things," to be Scottish for a moment. Then I gave him the wrong hand and he didn't notice, and then after the fact I switched rings under cover of the bouquet, and then we were married and there was a smooch.

There was a great deal of hugging and congratulating, and then I left my purse and had to go back and get it, and then we went to the Toledo Museum of Art only to discover that it was closing in 20 minutes, so we didn't get a lot of time. I also took in my bouquet only to discover that wasn't allowed for fear of bugs... so I ended up going down to wait with it, only Matt cleverly came after me and put it in the cloakroom and then we all went back upstairs. I got to see amazing art--I had no idea it was that completely awesome. I will absolutely be going back. I have an appointment to stare at a Van Gogh, after all.

Anyway, by then I was sorta falling over because I'd had half a fritter and no coffee and then got married that day, so we went to Matt and Heather's old workplace, which used to be called Sufficient Grounds but was now a differently named coffee shop. We had coffee and I felt greatly restored, and then we went to get Japanese food at Kotobuki, a restaurant where his family used to go when they lived there. The food wasn't as good as it has been in the past, apparently, but they still remember him.

We ate and had a good time and then we all went home and fell over. Whew.

The next two days were spent in a whirlwind of cleaning, and I owe Nicole so much for that. OMG, that woman is amazing. We got the house all spiffy--at least the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the two bathrooms--and we had a reception. People came! We had a good turnout and and an awesome spread (even if Leo did steal one of the Salumi salamis--sigh) and a cake that was awesome and Michelle-friendly: a sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with marscapone mixed with marsala wine and dusted with cocoa, frosted with a chocolate buttercream made with goat butter and chocolate soy milk. It was amazing. There was Rock Band and wine and visiting and generally having a really good time. I am so grateful for all our friends--it was the best party ever. :)

And that's pretty much the way that worked. Go Team Marriage!

*This spawned the comment when Sarah asked for the day off of "Who the hell gets married on a Wednesday???" Us, that's who. :)


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