Mar. 24th, 2012

ASECS 2012

Mar. 24th, 2012 10:32 am
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So here I am, still in my jammies, sitting in my hotel room and listening to birds singing and kids playing down in the pool. I am in San Antonio, Texas, for the 2012 ASECS (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) conference. This is my first conference, and I have to say... I have found my people. Especially among the other grad students and young professors. I made some new friends last night at the graduate student caucus social (margaritas on the Riverwalk are expensive) and I made some professor acquaintances earlier that day at lunch. The professor who chaired the panel I was on seemed really pleased with my talk, during which I managed to look at the audience, not stumble more than average, and have a couple of asides to make it less "oh look I'm reading from a page." I also came in well within my allotted time, which makes me happy, as we had four people on the panel. Eek. I also got some questions at the end, which surprised me, but seemed to go well too.

Next year the ASECS convention is in Cleveland, which is just a happy bit of serendipity for me. I've already talked with someone about co-chairing a panel, which may or may not happen since it's a year out, but it'll be fun to do. I'm also looking at having people over for dinner, though I have not yet informed Matt about this. :) I will definitely be submitting/doing panel things, though. I am really enthused about... nearly everything, really. I am a rare bird here as an MA student -- if I'm not the only one, I'm close. Then again, I've been accepted for my PhD, so I'm on the path. I think my biggest takeaway is just how much reading and familiarizing myself with my field I have yet to do. There's SO MUCH I just don't know about the current state of criticism and research, not to mention so many books I haven't yet read. I am slightly embarrassed to be at this stage and be here, where I really am sort of the clueless ingenue (and those are not words I thought I'd ever be saying), but by putting myself out there now, I'm getting a far better idea of what I need to be working on.

I really wish Matt could have come with me, but I'm still having a good time and I'm excited to be here. It'll be good to see him tomorrow, though; I am by no means content to do without him for any extended period of time. :)


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