Jan. 1st, 2012

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Whee! Happy New Year! Let's see what the ol' LJ did last year. :)

January: Well then. After four or six weeks off thanks to finals and illness and the holiday season, we finally had another session of Dresden on Monday, something to round out the old year.

February: So, I had a party scheduled last night, but the snow decided to kick in and only a few dedicated souls were able to make the journey.

March: So, between weather and school and one thing and another, we've had something like two sessions now that I've totally forgot to blog about. (Re: Dresden Files RPG)

April: It's a melancholy sort of night.

May: So I'm done with school and Matt pointed out that there has not been character creation in some time, so here we are.

June: Last week, on the 25th of May, my dog Rosie was hit by a car.

July: You know, I never realized how much my kids and my ex drove my posting.

August: Here I sit, in a hotel in Plainfield (?) Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis.

September: So... Labor Day has come and gone. I worked three days this weekend, and gamed two.

October: Yesterday I had a convenient movie date with Matt. We went up to the Capitol to see Tucker and Dale vs Evil, a little indie movie starring Alan Tudyk.

November: I use ghosts as a metaphor on a regular basis in my life.

December: Talked to my guy.


Well. That wasn't exactly informative, was it? Except for June. Blech. I think as far as my journal goes, the important lesson was that in 2011 my posting habits tapered off dramatically. This is not through some disenchantment with LJ, but rather that grad school eats my life, as should be expected, I think. I'm working on fixing that somewhat, but if I'm being completely honest, until the MA exam is over, it probably won't get significantly better.

Also... I'm in a good place, frankly. 2011 was a good year for me overall, though I'm aware it was hardly even-handed in its approach to life as a whole. It worked on cleaning up 2010's mess, and I think that made it surly. God knows I would have been in its place. For me, though... I've gotten settled in, I'm doing well in school, I've gotten engaged, I lose Rosie but gained Si, my kids are healthy and pretty much happy, Matt's kids are thriving, I am loved and love in return, and I have a place that's my own to be and fix and set down roots in -- and I don't think I've really had that before, not in a very, very long time and never as I do now.

I'm really happy here. Money is tight, but when has it ever not been? And while it's tight in the sense of not having a lot of extra money, it's not tight in the "not making our bills" sense. We're paying down debt and getting things together and over the next couple of years, things will improve dramatically on that front. In a few days I'll be married, and it feels like with that, my transition is more or less complete. To and from what, I'm not entirely sure, but that's definitely a big milestone. All in all, I expect good things from 2012. :)


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